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The Sims 3 Cheats and Hints

Updated on October 25, 2013

To put up the cheat code bar you will need to press: CTRL+SHIFT+C All at once on your keyboard. A single typing bar will show up on the top of your screen. You can use these codes listed below as needed.

Special Cheat Code

This cheat starts the same, in the cheat code bar you type in "testingcheatsenabledtrue" After doing that hold down the Shift button and click on the mailbox in front of your Sims house, when doing so the mailbox will give you these options below:

  • Make all happy: This will make everyone in the house happy all their motives will be up and their needs will be meant.
  • Force Visitor: This will enable visitors to your Sims house
  • Set Career: This cheat will set your career mood
  • Set Level: This cheat code will set your Level

Hold "SHIFT" and click on Sim for these Options below:

  • Add Sim to house: Clicking on someone that doesn't live in your house will have them move in
  • Modify Sim traits: This will let you Modify your Sims traits.
  • Force Aging: This will make the Sim you chose to age faster.

Hold shift and Click on your Sims work place for these options below:

  • Force Event: This will Force an event to happen to your Sims in the workplace
  • Force Events: This will force more then one event to happen for your Sim in the workplace
  • Force Opportunity: This will force an opportunity to happen for your Sims in the workplace

"In Ground mood you can hold the "SHIFT" button down when in this cheat and click on a spot and your Sim will telaport to that spot"

Simple Code Bar Cheats (The word to write is in dark)

Force Twins: Click on pregnant Sim before entering this cheat for your Sim to have twins

enableLlamas: this cheat enables Llamas

JokePlease: This cheat will summon a joke

Help: Gives you a list of all commands

Kaching: While on the lot, this cheat will give you $1,000

Motherlode: While on the lot, this cheat will give you $50,000

Familyfund[x][y]: [x] is the family name

[y] is the amount

This cheat is for giving other families money

freerealestate: This is for free real estate, The prices on the houses wont change. Just ignore the prices when choosing a house.

Cheat Enabled Codes

Start by using the " testingcheatenabledtrue" for the codes then type these codes in the space above the screen.

  • Moviemakercheatsenabled (True or false): This cheat lets the player give sims the option to pose
  • Hideheadlineseffects: This cheat will show or hide the bubble on top of the SIm that shows them talking or thinking thoughts

If for some reason you don't want to use the Testingcheatsenabled anymore or you need to disable it just type in the space above the screen "Testingcheatsenabledfalse"

Special Features:

How to get your pregnant SIm to have the same sex twins:

  • In the code box type in " Cheatsenabledtruesimlularsextwinsforce " Note: You must have the twins in a local swimming pool. You can't choose the sex, it will be a surprise.

How to unlock all Plants

  • In the code box type " Testingcheatsenabledtrue " Then again you press CTRL+SHIFT+C; in the code box type "Buydebug" You should see a ? Click on it then go to plants.

How to have triplets

  • With a pregnant SIm type in the code "Testingcheatsenabledtrueforcetriplets" Do this either during the end of the Sims pregnancy or everyday while your Sim in pregnant

The Official Sims 3 Trailer

Sims Hints Cheats

To speed up Advance age phase:

  • Buy a birthday cake, and place the cake on the lot. Click on the cake and select have a birthday then choose which sim you want to age

For control of Sex while Pregnant:

  • Girl: eat 3 watermelons
  • Boy: eat 3 apples

How to bring a ghost back to life:

  • Keep the tombstone of the SIm that died
  • Make Ambrosia and keep it in the fridge DO NOT EAT IT
  • Wait it out, your dead sim will eventually eat the Ambrosia and come back to life

Listen to your own music while playing the sims

  • Go to "My Documents/EA games/ The Sims 3/ Custom music/ [Radio station]' Folder on your computer
  • Add the music you desire to play
  • Go back to your game
  • Go to options, select " music settings" then choose radio station.

Your music should play whenever you play the radio!

Rating my site

4.3 out of 5 stars from 16 ratings of The Sims 3 Cheats

Last minute Cheats

Jammailla: Give's you 100,000,000.000

Telaportationpad: Unlocks the telaportation pad

Discotags: Gives you different color tags in the edit mode for your town

Edit in cas: Takes Sim back to create-a-sim

Yourugly; Turns your Sim into a Witch or Warlock

The Sim Pool

Who has played the Sims before?

See results

Less Impressive Cheats

Placefriezes: This cheat will allow the player to use foundations on tiles where it's usually not allowed

Ageuptonpc: This cheat will allow the player to choose a toddler in the household and make the non controllable

Unlockoutfits: This cheat will unlock outfits in the Create-a-Sim and wardrobe so that they can change into uniforms and work cloths that aren't usually available.

Restsim [firstname] [lastname]: This sim will allow you to rest a sim just add their name into the code and they will rest.. (This is very helpful when the game gets a glitch and you can't unstick your sim)

Quit: This will quit the game without going to the menu bar

Help [Name Cheat]: This cheat will give you more information on the cheat you type in.

Tips for Sims

  • Money Saving: No matter how many times you use an object if you sell it back the same day you can get the price you paid for it. For example: By an object use it then return it before the night is over you can repeat this as much as you like.
  • Easy fishing, cooking and gardening skills: To gain skills quicker you will need an Tv, and a game system. Turn the TV on to either Cooking, Garden or fishing channel. Let your Sim watch one of these shows then get another Sim to play the game at the same time.
  • Ghost Baby: Set one of your female traits to Kleptomaniac Go to the graveyard and have your female Sim steal a male Sims remains. After the second day of having the remains The ghost will appear at 11:00 pm every other night and disapear at 4:00 am, socialize with the ghost. You will need a fertility reward for this. Get your Sim to confess their attraction to the ghost. Woohoo and you should get pregnant and have a ghost baby
  • To have a ghost in your house: Go to the graveyard and click on all tombstones take any tombstone you are able to take and bring it home with you, place tombstones in your backyard and you will have 70% chance of having a ghost in your home. to increase your risk in having a ghost Write on the epitaph "Here lies [Sim Name], the one who returns"

Other Hints for the game

How to turn of the Aging of your Sim:

To stop aging of your Sim, it's pretty simple. Just go to your settings in the menu bar and chose Aging off. There is an option in the settings when you open the tab up.

Pervent Death Cheat:

Not many people know this but all you have to do to cheat death is have a death flower in your inventory when you die. To get a death flower just go to the graveyard and you should find the flower there all you have to do is harvest the flower and leave it in your inventory. When you die your Sim will give the grim reaper the flower inreturn for their life.

You can also plant and grow the death flowers but you have to have a high level in garden.

For infinite Life rewards:

Type in the "Testingcheatsenabledtrue" in the code box above the screen Then go to the lifetime rewards in your bottom left bottom screen. Where your treasure chest is click on the area and you will receive 500 lifetime pionts for every click.

To Change your name:

To to your Map, Find the City hall. Click on the City hall and it should give you the option to change your name.

The Official Sims 4 Trailer

Try these Sims 3 Titles

For The Sims 3, there are some really good Expansion packs. Take a look below for so good titles. These titles all come with some extra furniture and clothing for that particular Expansion pack.


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    • profile image

      Mery215 2 years ago

      I've been playing the Sims franchise games LITERALLY since I was a baby (I swear I'm not kidding, I was two when I started playing the Sims) and this is an incomplete list of cheats. I actually know ALL the cheats, not just the ones listed here.


    • idigwebsites profile image

      idigwebsites 4 years ago from United States

      Oh, it's just the same as in Sims 2. Can't find any cheats on the building houses on Sims 3 though. I'll use all the cheats except for the Ka-Ching and Motherlode. That way I want my Sim to earn all the money through hard work.

    • tevinquevedo profile image

      Tevin Quevedo 4 years ago from Western, FL

      This is one of my favorite PC games I just have to say that you have done a completely accurate cheat guide. Truly fantastic!