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AssassinCraft Minecraft Texture Pack (32 x32)

Updated on August 17, 2011

Steelfeathers has created an Assassin's Creed style texture pack that captures the spirit of Renaissance Italy in a way that will make you feel like pushing your way through crowds of people, shoulder barging them at every opportunity you get. Let me ruin the dramatic tension right at the beginning by saying this is an awesome texture pack and you should definitely download it.

At 32x, this is a neat pack that will appease the wrath of anyone who can't stand default textures but can't (or won't) run 64x. I review a lot of texture packs and I have to say, although I'm aware 64x and upwards have a strong following, most of the realistic ones are utter rubbish so far removed from the spirit of the game its awkward. But back to this texture pack, this Renaissance style texture pack that hits the 32x sweet spot.

Oh Nether, you so crazy...
Oh Nether, you so crazy...

The Nether is filled with modern style blocks on account of the fact that Assassin's Creed involves a lot of awkward and ultimately annoying flashing between the future world and Renaissance Italy. The Nether has been taken by the creator as the futuristic world, which is very appropriate as both the Nether and the future world are places no player really wants to be for very long. I have to say though, with the netherrack replaced with something more gray and rubber stamped, I actually find the Nether a slightly less visually violent place to be.

Back in the Renaissance, dirt has a yellow, clay type color, which works I believe, because it very much looks like the sort of thing you might fashion earthenware vessels out of, which you could then paint with pictures of people throwing discuses and turning into swans. If there's not a mod for that, there should be. Beaches have a lovely Mediterranean appearance, yellow gold sand, clear blue water. You could stand on the shores forever.

Construction material wise, wood planks are inordinately suited to building shacks and walkways. Really one of the best wooden plank textures I've ever seen in terms of the rustic ambiance it creates, allowing one to build slums next to towering structures just like in Italy.

Brick is also not eye assaultingly ugly, it has a lovely aged appearance that works very well indeed. Ladders are awesome, because they're not so much ladders as hand holds and footholds by which you can propel yourself up walls. Ignore the knight in the screen shot, he's not part of the texture pack, he comes from the Castle Defender Mod, which you might want to check out I suppose.

There's so much to love about this texture pack, the wooden slatted windows, the iron barred doors, the grapes that grow instead of sugar cane. Though this is technically still a WIP, it's much more well done than many finished packs. Check it out!

Download AssasinCraft Minecraft Texture Pack


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