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LEGO Building Events and Master Builders- How Your Kids Can Learn from LEGO Professionals

Updated on April 13, 2013
Picture of the eventual 8-foot tall Sponge-Bob, in-progress. Smaller version of Bob above.
Picture of the eventual 8-foot tall Sponge-Bob, in-progress. Smaller version of Bob above. | Source

What’s your child’s favorite traditional (non-electronic) toy? If you have boys in your family, the answer is likely LEGOs. And if your home is anything like mine, those brightly colored bricks able to transform from just a pile of blocks into a new creation, such as a house, castle, cars, flower, sword and more.

The word "LEGO", as coined by the toy maker Kirk Christiansen, was a combination of two words “play” and “well” interestingly, the Latin word LEGO means “I put together” which fits perfectly with the entire concept of the LEGO brand. More than just a fun and brightly colored toy, LEGO bricks allow children of all ages to create to their heart’s content and play, play, play!

My two boys are LEGO enthusiasts. They pour over the LEGO Club magazine (mailed to the home every few months to get ideas on what they create), plan what LEGO set they want for their birthdays and beg me to take photos of their latest creation to be submitted to the magazine. So when our family received a postcard about a local LEGO building event we decided to clear the schedule for the event.

For this specific event, the LEGO store at our mall was working with a LEGO Master Model Builder to create an 8-foot tall model of the beloved Nickelodeon cartoon character, SpongeBob SquarePants. Children can work along with the LEGO master builder to help build the larger-than-life model, and receive an official LEGO building certificate for participating in the event.

Don't worry if you kids missed out on this event though; LEGO hosts similar events throughout the country and throughout the year. Contact your local LEGO store for a flyer that lists specific times and events.

And if you're interested in what past LEGO Master Builder events may have created, check out this pic for a larger-than-life Yoda from Star Wars!

LEGO Fun Facts

According to the Great Idea Finder website, there are 102,981,500 ways to put together six 8-stud bricks.

According to the LEGO website, children all over the world spend about 5 billion hours each year playing with LEGO bricks.

The first LEGO figure (called a minifigure) hit the market in 1978. It was originally a unisex role, with a yellow face and pleasant facial features. It was not until LEGO produced Pirates in the 1980s that the mini figures expressed emotion in their faces.



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