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Awesome Gameboy RPG with a pinball, pokemon twist Metal Walker

Updated on November 20, 2012

Metal Walker Cover

One of the most original gameboy titles battle wise

Many of us have played game boy rpgs. Whether it was the game boy, the game boy color, the game boy advanced or the ds, Rpgs for these systems are always fun. However, a lot of the rpgs seem repetitive and become some what stale in game play. As a child once you had played Pokemon you pretty much played the greatest rpg out there. Sadly, when you don't know much this seems like the final frontier. Intelligently a lot of companies that make games for game boy want to capitalize on that success. Now there is a game that exploits the hype built up around Pokemon but gives you a completely different battle style keeping the game fun and different then the contemporary. Welcome to Metal Walker, this game is extremely fun. Imagine a game based off pinball in battles and well ill have to show a video because it's easier shown then written.

Metal Walker gameplay

More info on the game

As you can, see now that the gentleman in the video is done talking, There are many different robot creatures and evolution is prominent in this game to just continue playing. The borrowing of Pokemon is certainly there. Now there is even a rival, Garyish, but it sure seems less annoying to fight him. Enjoy the inter workings of the game even the story is fun. If you play this game for anything, play it for the battle game play. The originality of it will keep you going.

Metal Walker different Gameboys


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