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Awesomenauts How to Play Coco- simple build and tactics.

Updated on September 3, 2012

Awesomenaut How to Play- Simple

The Simple Builds just mean the initial four abilities that you unlock after prestiging or unlocking the character. I will do advanced guides which will use any abilities in the future. This guide is on how to play Coco.

Her Role In A Team

Her two abilities are Blaze and Lightning Ball and in each row in the Loadout screen there will be four abilities unlocked if you have just unlocked the character. In this build I will be playing Coco as a support character who will be able to help deal damage to turrets but whose main role will be to assist other characters by using abilities to either help the team mate get the kill or help the team mate escape.

Lightning Ball

For Lightning Ball, which is the top row, I would choose Gyroscopic Dynamo which decreases cool down, Conducting Gel, which increases Range and Thunder Striker which increases knock back. The is because the decreased cool down will allow you to use the move more often, Conducting Gel, to help you reach opponents who are further away and even ones who are behind turrets teleporting away.

Lightning Ball will be used to assist your team mates rather than get the kill with this build. The extra knock back will make it more likely that the opponent will be knocked into a turret’s fire to decrease their health dramatically, into a friendly's range so that they can finish off the opponent or knocked away from a friendly to help them get away.

The range will, as previously mentioned, help you to get enemies who are far away, even behind turrets. The cool down will mean that you can use it a lot, even to keep slower opponents trapped against a turret and un able to escape.


Blaze, which is the second row, will probably use Silver Coating, to increase speed whilst Blaze is activated, Disruptor, which will increase the slow down of Blaze and Time Travel Turbine, which will increase the time Blaze is on the floor therefore slowing down multiple enemies.

Blaze will help you to zoom around the map to assist everyone very quickly. It will be your main support ability as, with the movement speed, you can get out of bad situations very quickly and be anywhere on the map within a few short seconds. This allows you to help defend your team mates and then instantly be at a different turret to help finish it off. The slow down effect of Blaze helps you either assist you ally in getting the kill or help you r ally run away and the Time Travel Turbine helps make sure that the enemy is caught in the Blaze and for longer.

Shock Attack

Your Shock attack is very important and the upgrades in this build are Static Gloves which helps increase the damage, wetsuit, which increases slowing effect of Shock and Power Gloves which increases your damage against turrets.

Your shock attack will deal tons of damage to turrets and even with a couple of droids helping you can deal amazing damage to the turret. Once you have good health and turret damage you can even solo turrets to deal decent damage. Once you upgrade the slow down then it will become even more useful for assisting team mates and the extra damage also adds onto turret damage meaning that you can do really well against them.


Your Universal upgrades will just give general assistance to all aspects of Coco and you will get Power Pills Turbo to increase Maximum Health, Solar Tree to max out your solar gain and Space Air Max to help you move even faster.

Power Pills Turbo has a fairly obvious use, helping you to stay alive. Solar Tree is much more useful than the Piggy Bank in my opinion because over the course of the match you will usually gain more solar overall if the match goes on for more than around 10 minutes. Space Air Max is very useful in terms of getting places and serves like the speed boost for Blaze, just helping you to get everywhere on the map faster.


With this build in mind you should lay cautiously but should always try and help you team mates whenever possible. If you are talking to someone on your team then you could organize when to take on a turret without the assistance of droids and this works especially well if you have a Clunk on the team as with his health bar you can take a turret all the down to nothing in one go.

In terms of what order you should get the upgrades in I always get Solar Tree first then as soon as i have enough to buy blaze i head back then i increase the movement speed and movement speed during Blaze, max health, damage and damage to turrets and once i have maxed all of these out i then buy ball lightning as with this build it really is not necessary at all. The best thing about Coco is that if you can coordinate with team mates and you have good turret damage early on you can make a push when the enemy is least expecting it. If you are all the way through to the enemy base then you can even activate Blaze with max speed on and be there in less than 20 seconds depending on the map and do an amazing counter attack that the opponent is really not expecting at all.

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