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Axis and Allies Tank Battles Modified Rules

Updated on January 8, 2013

A & A Tank Battles

This project intends to combine aspects of my favourite online game World of Tanks with my favourite tabletop miniatures game Axis and Allies. The vision is to have a group of 4-6 players duke it out in a series of tanks only battles. Each player will start with one low tier tank. As the game progresses players will accumulate experience points which can be used to research tanks with higher points values and field additional tanks in battle. The concept is for tanks or AFVs only which should make for quick battles. There will be scenarios with the odd anti tank weapon, Infantry support or Tac Air to spice things up or defend the crucial objective. Points will be accumulated on the following basis.

Hits that don't destroy the unit - 10% of unit value

Hits resulting in unit destruction - 50% of unit value

Seize Objective (unit sits on objective for one full turn) 10 points unless otherwise stated.

Players may retreat units off their end of the map if they wish.

The Starting Weapon. I have used Japanese Te-Ke Tankettes. The Early War Set also has some contenders such as the Marmon Herrington or TKS Ursus Tankette
The Starting Weapon. I have used Japanese Te-Ke Tankettes. The Early War Set also has some contenders such as the Marmon Herrington or TKS Ursus Tankette


Each player will start with the smallest tank possible. My collection features a lot of fragile Japanese armour and my four Te Ke Tankettes shall fill the role of Lol Traktor amicably. If I have more than four starters we will use other models such as the ha-go but will play them as Te-ke's until upgraded. Players will start with upgrade points equivalent to the points value of the starting vehicle. The Te-Ke costs 7 points. Players will accumulate upgrade points in battle and will use these points to:

  • Buy vehicles using upgrade points on a 1 for 1 basis
  • Increase the number of vehicles the player can field. Players can buy a second tank slot for 10 points and a third for 30 points
  • Players are ranked based on their unspent points plus the value of the tanks they currently hold.
  • A player may choose to hold a vehicle without fielding it they consider it advantageous to do so.

Sale And Purchase of Vehicles

A player can surrender a vehicle and recoup upgrade points of 50% of the value of the vehicle rounded up to the nearest point or hold on to it for later use.

Players can also negotiate the sale of a vehicle amongst themselves provided the buyer has a high enough research level to run the vehicle being purchased.

The player will need to pay upgrade points equal to the cost of the new vehicle to effect the purchase.

In the example above my players are starting on 7 upgrade points.

Optional Rules Scenarios and Support Units

Did I say tanks only?

How about some infantry or AT to make it interesting?

Some Bazookas for that city map?

A typhoon strike to take out the Nashorn which is tearing you a new one?

This can be accomodated by creating two card decks. The first is an event deck to drive some game scenarios and mix it up a bit. The second is a support unit deck. Players will be allocated support units as dictated by events cards. Support unit cards can be accumulated and played in mass. The allocation of support units is driven by the event card deck. The cards will be dependant upon the units you have available to use so I will provide some examples using the units I have available to me.

Event Deck

Card Name
Event Details
Number of Cards
Support Unit 1
All players draw one support card
Support Unit 2
All Players except top player draw one support card
Support Unit 3
Lowest two players draw one support card
Support Unit 4
Lowest ranked player draws two support cards
Scenario battle
Play the next scenario battle
3 dependant on the number of scenarios you have made
Upgrade gun
roll one extra dice in attack next game
Fine Tuned
movement increased by 1 hex next game
Support units may be deployed after all other deployment player can hold until used
Regular Battle odd V Even
odd ranked players v even ranked players. Objectives optional
Offensive battle
top 50% attacking V bottom 50% defend. Defenders place an objective marker worth 5 points. 10 if the attackers take no casualties
Tall Poppies
Top 25% V the rest
Regular Batle Top & Bottom
Top and bottom 25% V Middle 50%. Objectives optional
Add 1 to your next initiative roll
No support
No support units can be played next game. Card cannot be played on Gotterdamerung battle.
I'll take that
take a support card off any player
Lowest ranked player draws three support cards and defends an objective on a city map. ALL PLAYERS MUST USE ALL their Support cards for this mission.

Support Units

Nature of Unit/s
Number of Cards
Resourcefull Hero
US Resourcefull Hero
US Infantry Squad
2 M1 Garand, 1 Thomson Gun, 1 Bar gunner
Red Devil Captain
US Red Devil captain
Quad 50
US Quad 50 AA
Fresh Meat
4 US untested recruits
US Heavy Weapons
1 M1919 HMG, 1 M1 Mortar
US Engineer
1 US engineer
US Arty
2 US M8 Pack howitzer, 1 FO Jeep
US Marines
2 marine riflemen, 1 marine Sargeant
1 Bazooka
British Infantry
3 SMLE, 1 Bren
Inspiring Lieutenant
Inspiring Lieutenant
Royal Engineers
1 Royal Engineer
British Heavy Weapons
1 Vickers, 1 3inch mortar, 1 concealed forward observer
1 PIAT gunner
1 Bofors L60
2pdr At
1 2pdr
SNLF Paratroopers
2 SNLF Paratroopers
Japanese Infantry
3 Arisaka rifle, 1 SNLF Captain
Honour Bound Hero
1 Honour Bound Hero
3 SNLF Fanatics, 1 Imperial Sergeant
Japanese At
1 47mm AT
Imperial Engineer
1 Imperial Engineer
Flak 38
1 Flak 38
2 DAK Infantry, 1 SDKFZ 251
1 veteran Fallschirmjager
1BMW R75
1 PanzerFaust, 1Mauser Kar 98
MG 42
1 MG 42
Guards Infantry
3 Guards Infantry
85mm AA gu8n
1 85mm AA
Me 110
1 ME 110
1 Hurricane Wingman
1 BF 109E Wingman
1 Hawker Typhoon


As mentiuoned previously the scenarios are based on the units I have available to me. Scenarios will have to be made to suit individual collections.

Scenario 1 Secondary Axis

The player who draws the 1st Scenario card commands a force of 2 romanian Cavalry, 2 Romanian mortars, 2 Hungarian Solothurn MGS and a 38mToldi 2A to defend an objective marker set by his or her self. If the Toldi is not available for use the player may use their own tanks.

Scenario 2 Secondary Allied

The drawer of the second scenario card commands a force of 3 New Zealand Infantry, 1 New Zealand Commander, 1 2pdr AT, 2 Greek Mountain troops, 1 yugoslav partisan commander and 2 Yugoslav partisan infantry plus the players own tanks and two pillboxes. The player must defend a headquarters, Ammo Dump and Fuel Depot. Players destroying the HQ, Ammo or Fuel get 100% of the points on the respective cards.

Scenario 3

The Nashorn Challenge

The drawer of the scenario card adds two Nashorns to his existing strength and defends an objective on a map of his or her own choosing. If the Nashorns have already been purchased the owner must surrender them and receives replacement units of equivalent points value for one game only.

Game Play

The first game is played between two teams of equal number of players or units.

Points accumulated by damaging or destroying units are calculated during the course of the game. At the end of each game the players can spend points on research and or vehicle purchases in the order of points scored in the previous battle. Expenditure of research points is done before the event cards are drawn for the new game and player rankings decided.

The player who won initiative at the first round of the last battle will draw the next event card/s. Event cards are drawn until a type of battle is decided. This player will then roll a dice to decide the map type unless the game dictates another from of map selection. On a 1 or 2 you will fight over a city map. On a 3,4 you will fight for a village and 5 or 6 will be open.

The team without initiative must then deploy support units. A player with the Intel card can delay deployment by playing this card. Regular units are then deployed as usual. Players who have played the Intel card may deploy their support units at the end of the deployment phase. Game play will then take place as per axis & allies minis rules.


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