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Baby Trivia Game for Fun Baby Showers

Updated on November 6, 2009

Baby Trivia Game

Baby trivia is perfect for a baby shower or a new mom's group. A multiple choice baby trivia quiz will test your knowledge about the world of babies. New mothers and grandmothers will enjoy sharing and remembering memories about babies.

Here's some questions you might want to include in the baby trivia questions. NOTE: An asterisk indicates the correct answers.

  1. When your baby was born, what size was the baby's head in relation to the rest of his/her body?

    a. One half the size of the body

    *b. One quarter the size of the body

    c. One eighteenth the size of the body

  2. What are diapers called in South Africa?

    a. Nappy

    b. Dispenser

    *c. Disposable

  3. Who was the original Gerber baby?

    a. Shirley Temple

    *b. Ann Turner

    c. Mrs. Butterworth

  4. In 1900, what color was used for boys?

    a. Blue

    *b. Pink

    c. Yellow

  5. What was the age of the oldest woman on record to get pregnant?

    a. 78

    b. 54

    *c. 66

  6. Which of the following reflex are babies not born with?

    a. Ability to swim

    *b. Understanding a foreign language

    c. Sucking

    d. Grasping a finger

  7. How heavy was the heaviest baby ever born?

    a. 15 pounds 5 ounces

    b. 30 pounds

    c. 21 pounds 4 ounces

    *d. 23 pounds 12 ounces

    e. 17 pounds 2 ounces

    f. 26 pounds 1 ounce

  8. When is the eye color set in a baby?

    *a. 6-9 months

    b. 4-5 months

    c. 2-4 weeks

  9. How many bones are babies born with?

    *a. 300

    b. 206

    c. 275

  10. What is the most children born to one woman?

    a. 20

    b. 42

    *c. 69

  11. What sense if first to develop?

    *a. hearing

    b. taste

    c. smell

    d. touch

  12. When does a baby start to smile socially?

    a. at birth

    b. 3-4 months

    *c. 4-8 weeks

    d. 6-9 months

  13. How much does it cost to raise a child during their first year of life (not including medical costs)?

    a. $2,000

    b. $10,000

    c. $15,000

    *d. $7,000

  14. How long on average, does it take a man to change a diaper?

    a. 30 seconds

    b. 3 minutes

    c. 2 minutes 5 seconds

    *d. 1 minute 36 seconds

  15. What were the careers of the men in “3 Men and a Baby?”

    a. Waiter, actor, mortgage broker

    b. Actor, architect, songwriter

    *c. Architect, cartoonist, actor

    d. Cartoonist, actor, salesman

  16. Babies are born without which body part?

    *a. kneecaps

    b. elbows

    c. tailbone

    d. shoulder blades

  17. What is the word for pregnant in England?

    *a. stuffed

    b. full

    c. packed

  18. Which celebrity named their baby Phinnaeus?

    a. Angelina Jolie

    *b. Julia Roberts

    c. Courtney Cox

    d. Barbra Walters

  19. Which group sang the song “Baby Love?”

    *a. The Supremes

    b. Abba

    c. The Carpenters

  20. What percentage of babies are born on their due date?

    a. 80-81%

    b. 24-25%

    *c. 3-4 %

Make up some questions of your own, things that might be reminiscent from your own experiences. Ask your mom or grandmother to help come up with some questions to add to the list.


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    • profile image

      Liz 4 years ago

      No one says "Stuffed" instead of pregnant in England! Stuffed means full of food!

    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 5 years ago from Minnesota

      This would be a great baby shower game, nice hub!