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Marriage Candidates in Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar

Updated on June 12, 2013

Harvest Moon DS Grand Bazaar was released in the series in 2010. This Nintendo DS version is a bit different than past entries, and features all new villagers, including new Bachelors and Bachelorettes to the Harvest Moon series. If you are looking to learn more about the partners available for marriage in this Harvest Moon for DS game, read on!

Marriage Requirements for Grand Bazaar:

Before you can marry someone in this Harvest Moon DS, you must meet certain requirements. After you meet these, you can then propose!

  • Reach the red heart level with the person you are courting
  • See all the person's heart events
  • Be in at least Year 2
  • Be friendly with the family of the person you wish you marry, if they have any
  • Buy the Big Bed for your home
  • Buy the Blue Feather to propose

Eligible Bachelorettes:

Antoinette: Antoinette lives with her father, Claude. She is usually in her home or around the town. Her birthday is Winter 12, and she prefers Blue Wrapping Paper for gifts. For marriage, you must befriend her father.

Her favorite gift is Cherry Tea, and her most hated gift is Egg Rice Bowl. She loves jewelry, yogurts, cheeses, butters, Royal Milk Tea, and Russian Tea. She also likes frogs, cans and recipes of tea, Blue Magic Flowers, soups, rice dishes, and pies. She dislikes animal foods, materials like stone or lumber, curry, and most cakes. She hates any alcoholic beverages like wine and beer, as well as fish.

Emiko: Emiko is a special character who you can only meet after Year 2. After you enter the second year, you can visit her in the shrine behind the waterfall near your farm on sunny days. Her birthday is Spring 5 and she likes Blue Wrapping Paper for gifts. She has no family to befriend before marriage.

Emiko's favorite gift is Soy Milk Pudding, and she hates Ultimate Curry. She will never accept fish or bugs as a gift. She also likes Magic Water, tea, fruits, vegetables, flowers, tofu, soy milk, mushroom dishes, and salads (except herb salad). She does not like materials such as branches or stones, jewelry, trash items, alcoholic beverages, and soups.

Daisy: Daisy can usually be found at Stuart's Inn, where she works as a housekeeper. She goes into the city on Wednesdays. Her birthday is Spring 27, and she likes Red Wrapping Paper. For marriage, her family is considered to be Stuart and Ethel.

Her favorite gift is Strawberry Pie, and her least favorite gift is Spotted Pond Frogs. Daisy also likes flowers, teas, yogurt, butterflies, jewelry, gems, and cooked desserts. She dislikes any frogs, beer, curry, poisonous mushrooms, bugs, wine, animal foods, trash items, and failed dishes.

Freya: Freya has a house in town, and she lives alone. She spends most of the day in the city, so she can only be found in the early morning or late evening. If she is around, she likes to visit Joan's Cafe. She has no family, so there is no one else to befriend before marriage. Her birthday is Fall 25 and she likes Red Wrapping Paper for gifts.

Freya's favorite gift is Citrus Perfume, and her most hated gift is Tempura. Freya also really like jewelry, cheese, many cheese recipes, milks, gems, and butterflies. She doesn't like many wines, animal foods, fish, trash items, poisonous mushrooms, and any recipes with tempura.

Sherry: Sherry is the daughter of Felix, the mayor of Zephyr Town. To marry her, you must befriend not only Felix, but also Lloyd. She is usually found in the Mayor's home or wandering around Zephyr Town. Her birthday is Spring 16, and she prefers Yellow Wrapping Paper for gifts.

Sherry's favorite present is Herb Salad, and she hates Spicy Curry. She also likes pickled items, Blue Necklace, salads, tofu, canned teas, butterflies, and Moondrop Flowers. She doesn't like trash items, ores, wines, soups, fish, beer, and animal foods.

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Amir: Amir will arrive in the town in Winter of your first year. He will live upstairs at Stuart's Inn. He leaves in Fall each year, but returns in Winter. When he is in town, he can usually be found in the inn. Amir has no family in town, so there is no one else you need to become friends with to marry him. His birthday is Winter 26 and he likes Yellow Wrapping Paper.

Amir's favorite gift is Stew, and his least favorite present is Supreme Curry. He also likes red wine, tea leaves, chocolate desserts, milks, beer, and Moondrop Flowers. He dislikes jewelry, cans of tea, curry, most soups, ores, fish, and cheese.

Angelo: Angelo is an artist who lives in Zephyr Town. He is usually in his home or exploring the nature around the town. In order to marry Angelo, you don't need to be friends with anyone else, but you do need to be on good terms with Kevin. Angelo's birthday is Winter 28, and he likes Yellow Wrapping Paper for his gifts.

Angelo's favorite gift is Omelet Rice, but he hates Rice Porridge. He also likes fruits, soups, tea, chocolate desserts, and most animal products. He doesn't like fish, trash items, animal food, dragonflies, alcoholic beverages, tofu, or pickled items.

Dirk: Dirk is the younger brother of Ivan, and they live together in a house in town. You need to befriend Ivan before you can marry Dirk. Dirk is usually found either in his home, at Joan's Cafe, or wandering around Zephyr Town. His birthday is Summer 12, and he likes Red Wrapping Paper for presents.

His favorite gift is Cream Croquette, and he hates Seaweed Stew. Dirk also likes beetles, teas, Magic Red Flowers, fondue, curry, and coins. He dislikes jewelry, trash items, pickled foods, building materials, any rice porridge, oils, and fish.

Ivan: Ivan is Dirk's brother. He works in the city Tuesday through Thursday. To marry Ivan, you must also be friends with his Dirk. When not working in the city, he can be found in his home, tutoring Cindy and Lauren, or hanging out around town. Ivan's birthday is Fall 20, and he prefers Blue Wrapping Paper for presents.

Ivan's favorite present is Herb Perfume. He hates Party Cheesecake. Ivan also likes salads, wine, herbs, vegetables, dragonflies, flowers, egg recipes, and cheeses. He doesn't like teas, animal foods, fish, desserts, curry, or trash items.

Lloyd: Lloyd lives in a cabin south of your farm, and he sells ore at the bazaar. While Lloyd doesn't have family in town, he is close with Felix and Sherry. You will need to be friends with them before you can marry Lloyd. He is most often in his house or right outside his home. His birthday is Fall 3, and Lloyd likes Blue Wrapping Paper for gifts.

Lloyd's favorite gift is Paella, and his least favorite gift is Boiled Egg. Lloyd likes gifts that are worth a lot - diamonds, gold eggs, jewelry, and treasure. He also likes tea (except milk teas), bouillabaisse, curry, fondue, bugs, and frogs. He doesn't like fish, egg recipes, building materials, trash items, or milks and milk recipes.

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