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Back To The Basics: Using a Normal Yugioh Deck

Updated on April 30, 2013

It has only been within the last year that I have begun to play Yugioh. When I was a child, I remember receiving a starter deck and loving the look of all of the cards. Back then, I did not understand how to play the game and this is the reason why I had stopped playing. However, I started playing again and learned the rules of the game. This allowed me to appreciate the game and this is why I continue to play.

When Yugioh first became popular, the decks of cards were, for the most part, very simple cards. There were monster, spell, and trap cards. It is the same way today, however, today's game involves a lot of effects and a much more complex system than the basic system that was used when the game first became popular.

In this article I want to discuss a deck that I use when playing Yugioh online. This deck is constructed using normal monsters. Now, you may be asking yourself what a normal monster is. If you are familiar with Yugioh you will know, but if not, a normal monster is a monster that does not have an effect. A normal monster has an attack statistic and a defense statistic. Along with these statistics, the monster is also a specific type of monster. This could be fire, wind, machine, etc. Effect monsters, like their name suggests, have a certain effect. For example, a monster could have an effect that allows the player to draw an extra card when the monster is destroyed and sent to the graveyard. A normal monster will not have an effect, whatsoever.

Decks that are used today, are primarily made up of effect monsters that allow the player to summon multiple monsters and do multiple things in one turn. This allows the player to set up proper defensive and offensive strategies that they may be trying to implement. In this article I am going to be describing my normal deck that I use. I have won many duels with this deck online, even though there is not one effect monster throughout the whole deck. You may be scratching your head and wondering, "Didn't he say that effect monsters give the player an advantage?" This is absolutely true, however, my normal deck implements many monsters that have a very large attack statistic. This allows them to be considerably harder to destroy than usual. My deck also contains spell and trap cards that work well with the monsters that I have selected. I will now lay out all of the cards that I use in my normal deck. Next to the cards, I will state the number of them that I use in my deck. If you do not already know, you can have a maximum of three of the same card per deck unless stated otherwise.

Alien Shocktrooper-2, Archfiend Soldier-2, Blue-Eyes White Dragon-3, Gene-Warped Warwolf-3, Gogiga Gagagigo-2, Mad Dog of Darkness-2, Sabersaurus-3, Spiral Serpent-3, Amulet of Ambition-2, Ancient Rules-3, Heart of the Underdog-2, Lightning Vortex-2, Summoner's Art-2, Heavy Storm-1, Two-Man Cell Battle-2, Cry Havoc!-2, Justi-Break-2, Skill Drain-2.

The maximum cards that you can have in your main deck is 60 and the minimum is 40. I always try to make my decks as close to 40 cards as possible. This is because a good deck will have cards that all work together and you do not want a deck that is too large because it will take you longer to find cards that you need. I will now discuss the major areas of this deck that, in my opinion, make it so good.

Large Level Monsters

Since an all normal deck contains monsters with no effect, it is important to have strong monsters. My deck contains 3 strong monsters that will put up a good fight against any opponent that you may run into. These 3 cards are Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Spiral Serpent, and Gogiga Gagagigo. These cards all have 2900 or more attack. They all are level 8 cards which means that you need to tribute 2 cards in order to summon these monsters. That is the only downside to having a high level monster. Blue-Eyes White Dragon is one of the most famous, if not the most famous, cards that exist in Yugioh. When Yugioh became popular, everybody wanted to have one of these cards in their deck. Why wouldn't they? The card is beautiful and has 3000 Attack which gives it quite an advantage against a competitor's monster. Having 3 of them in the deck gives the card a good opportunity to be summoned.

Low Level Monsters

A major part of this deck are low level monsters. Low level monsters are monsters that have a level below 5 stars. These monsters are a crucial aspect to this deck. The reason is that they are the gateway to bringing out the big monsters that will wreak havoc. I have 12 of these monsters in my deck so that I have a very good chance of drawing them. Besides being able to tribute them, they are also able to battle opponent monster if you are having trouble getting the big boys out. The largest attack of any of my low level monsters is 2000. Which is not that bad of an attack, especially early on in the duel.

Spell Cards

Any Dueler knows that a successful deck must have some spell cards. The main spell card that is used for this deck is Ancient Rules. This card works extremely well with this deck. Earlier on in the article, I explained that any monster that is level six or higher must have two tributes to be summoned. Ancient rules allows you to summon any level five, or higher, normal monster without tributes. Having this card in your hand can lead you to victory in a matter of turns. Having the ability to put out very high level cards early in the game gives you a distinct advantage over your opponent offensively.

Amulet of ambition is a card that gives any low level monster card an advantage. It gives it a 500 attack increase for the difference in level. So, for example: Pretend an opponent brings out a level eight monster with 3000 attack. If I have a level four monster with 2000 attack I can equip this card to it and it will gain 2000 attack. This immediately allows my low-attack, low-level card to have an outstanding 4000 attack which will be enough to destroy the opponents monster. Another cool perk of this card is that fact that after it is destroyed, it can be placed on the top of the deck.

Heart of the Underdog is a card that allows for multiple draws. Since the deck is full of normal cards, the ability to continue drawing is increased. The card allows you an extra draw every time you draw a normal card. This will allow you to find necessary cards rather easily.

Lightning Vortex is a card that will eliminate all of the opponents face up attack position monsters by discarding one card. This allows you to get out of tricky situations where your opponent's monsters outnumber yours by a lot.

Summoner's Art is a simple card that allows you to get your high level cards in hand. This is useful when you have an Ancient Rules card in your hand but no high level monster. The card allows you to search your deck for any level five or higher normal monster and put it in your hand.

Heavy storm is another card that can get you out of tricky situations. The presence of a large amount of face down spell and trap cards can be a very scary situation. Using Heavy storm will get you out of that situation by destroying all spell and trap cards on the field.

Finally, Two-Man Cell Battle is a card that allows you to do an extra normal summon during your end phase. This will set you up to do a tribute summon in a quicker manner.

Trap Cards

Finally, we have come to the trap cards. In my deck, I only use three different kinds of trap cards. The first, and I would say the most important, is Skill Drain. This card essentially allows you to negate your opponent's effect monsters. You pay 1000 life points and the effects of your opponents monster's cannot be activated on the field. However, they still can be activated off of the field. This card works well if there is an effect that is not allowing you to do something that you need to do to move forward in the duel.

I also play Cry Havoc! and Justi-Break. Cry Havoc! allows you to summon an extra monster during your main phase by removing one monster from play. Justi-Break is a very useful card because it allows you to destroy all of your opponents face up attack position monsters. When your opponents monster declares an attack, you activate this card and it destroys all face up attack position monsters except for normal monsters. Since my deck only contains normal monsters, none of my monsters will die.

Amazing Deck

Overall, I greatly enjoy using this deck. First of all, It is a very simple deck to understand and play with. Amateur players could use this deck without much confusion. Secondly, It involves many classic cards including Blue-Eyes White Dragon. This is a card that is awesome to use and that is still used after all of this time. Finally, the cards all work together in harmony to push you towards victory in a very time effective way. I will continue to use this deck for as long as I play Yugioh.


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