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Wii Backyard Football 2008

Updated on October 29, 2010

Backyard Football 2008

Backyard Football 2008 is currently the 6th best selling children's football game. It's the only kid's game, to date, that has real NFL players and licenses.

The game features a roster of current NFL players, including Tom Brady. Backyard Football 2008 combines NFL plays and strategies with wild and wacky antics of the backyard gang.

Although, the game is far from realistic, it's a fun sports game for children. It gives kids complete control of the style of gameplay, location, pace, and even the strategy of the game. The cool thing about the game is that it is filled with multiple levels for the rookie and the veteran player.

Backyard NFL 2008 Players

You will find real NFL football players in this fun child's football video game. Some of the players are those listed below.

  • Shaun Alexander

  • Champ Bailey

  • Tom Brady

  • Reggie Bush

  • Frank Gore

  • Marvin Harrison

  • Chad Johnson

  • Larry Johnson

  • Peyton Manning

  • Steve Smith

  • Michael Strahan

  • Jason Taylor

  • LaDainian Tomlinson

  • Brian Urlacher

  • Vince Young

  • Dick Buttram

Backyard Football 2008

Backyard Football 2008 is a nice medium between Madden NFL and NEX Play Action Football. It's meant to appeal to younger gamers and child football fans. The game features unique, cartoony characters; they're actually real NFL players but in an 8 year- old body, look, and feel.

Since the game is geared towards younger gamers, it's not the hardest or most complicated game to play. So more skilled gamers will probably want to go ahead and upgrade to Madden NFL.

When you start the game, you choose your game- type, whether it be a quick game, a full season's schedule, or a football contest.

You'll quickly realize that when you first start the game, is play a tutorial mode. You get to choose from Practice and Normal Game mode- there's really not much difference between the two modes.

The control's on the Wii edition of the game combine using a mixture of button pushing and motion- control, so it gets a little complicated when you start playing and cannot find any instructions on running, defending, or throwing.

Some of the controls are listed here:

  • Press the 'A' button or pull back on the Wii Remote to snap the ball on offense.
  • Use the Control Stick to run.
  • Press the 'A' button to switch to a pass
  • Press the 'B' button to sprint
  • Press the 'C' button to power move
  • Shake the Remote to juke
  • Lift the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to catch a pass
  • Flick the Remote forward to pass


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    • profile image

      Phil Marshall 7 years ago

      I purshased the game for my 5-yr-old son this Christmas. I think this game favors the child. More experienced football-gamers will find this game frustratingly inconsistent, unrealistic and sometimes it malufunctions. Hey, at least it makes my son win about everytime! Good confidence booster for the beginner gamer!