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Backyard Water Toys, Sprinklers, and Inflatable Pool Slide For Kids

Updated on April 27, 2011
Banzai Geyser Blast Sprinkler
Banzai Geyser Blast Sprinkler

Summer is coming and during the warm weather there is nothing better then going outside and spashing some water around to cool down the family.

Backyard Water toys and sprinklers are fun and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. You don't have to be a kid to enjoy running through a sprinker a few times to cool down, though we don't expect you to want to play in it for hours =) Inflatable pool slides are great outside water toys if you have the backyard space. They come in many sizes from little ones just for toddlers to huge ones meant for the whole family.. and the neighborhood.

Backyard Sprinkler Toys

kids sprinker toys are great outdoor water toys to play with because they are so easy to just put in the backyard, don't require a large amount of outdoor space. Easy to set up, just hook it up to the yard hose, place it in the yard, and let the kids run around it.

The ground can get a little soggy so water shoes or sandals should be worn to avoid slips and falls, but other than that, the sprinkler requires little supervision from mom or dad except to be outside in the area in case there is an accident.

Backyard water toys such as Sprinklers are also usually pretty cheap many under $30 and will be durable enough to last the entire summer. To perserve the sprinkler longer, be sure to keep it put away in a place where it can stay dry when not in use. Do not leave out in the sun or rain.

Inflatable Pool Slides

Inflatable pool slides are such a blast. There is no need to head to the water park because with the backyard inflatable pool slides that can be purchased now days, staying at home is much more fun. You'll also make great friends with the kids in the neighborhood because they will want to be at your house all summer. Get some kool-aid and water bottles on hand to keep everyone hydrated.

If you purchase an inflatable water slide, it is a good idea to also purchase a tarp as wide as the inflatable pool slide. Yes, if left out this may do damage to the grass health underneath, but it will protect your investment and keep the water toy lasting much longer.

You will want to take extra care in storage as well. Make sure the inflatable pool slide is always dried out completely before taking down and storing. Do not just toss the inflatable water slide under the deck. Take care to fold and put away properly.

Slip And Slides

Slip and Slides

Slip and slide water toys are the ultimate backyard water toys and a ton of fun if you have the backyard to put them in. The require a bit of yard space, but if you have it, the slip and slide is always a hit. A slight hill helps, but slip and slides can be used on more evenly flat yards as well.

The slip and slide water toy use to be just a slippery mat. In the 80's kids would have to use big rocks and whatever they could find to build up a pool of water at the bottom to slide in to. Dangerous, and often times painful if you hit it wrong. Now, Slip and slides are made with inflatable toys at the end that will stop the slider in a pool of water. No more rocks to crash into, no more grass burn when you go too fast and too far off the mat.

The newer slip and slides are also great for racing. Some of them are now triple and double slip and slides so that young racers can go at the same time.


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