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Bakugan Lumitroid

Updated on January 4, 2014
Haos Lumitroid
Haos Lumitroid

Contributed by Xuan Chau, a young pianist, and Meng Chau, a fantastic story teller with his own scary and ghost stories blog

Lumitroid is a very unique super assault bakugan that produces light and sound action when rolled on a gate card. His body has a crab or scorpion like figure and the back has a group of tiny holes and that is where the sound comes from. He does not have any main abilities yet. He has a pair of claws that sort of look like a lobster's, and they are used to pierce and slice the opponent in half.

Light Up Lumitroid
Light Up Lumitroid

To change its battery you must flip the tail back and unscrew the screw and flip the cap. Two very small batteries are required for this light-up bakugan battle brawler. The G-power is located on the left side above the big red eye and his appearance looks as if he is well armed with lightening and laser beams. Unfortunately he cannot have battle gear, but overall, he is still a quite awesome BakuBolt bakugan. The DNA code is located at the bottom right in front of the left leg. He is kind of similar to Irisca who has a huge eye-looking section in front that can light up.He comes in two attributes: Pyrus and Haos. The Pyrus version of Lumitroid is 730G. The Haos version is 750G. There is a golden tan looking version on Bakugan Wiki, but do not get confused, that one is actually Haos. When he opens he shows a tail at the top, there will also be a flip up spike and flip up legs. He has a big eye that is surrounded by some Chinese like design, and when the eye lights up it blinds the opponent. Just when the Christmas is coming around the corner, this cool bakugan is no doubt one of the most exciting Christmas gift ideas for the kids.

His appeared in episode 14 where he helped the castle knights battle against the Gundalians who were trying to destroy the 3 shields protecting the castle. The most common episodes that you might see Lumitroid battling are when the castle knights are defending the 3 shields from the Gundalian attacks. It is possible for him to battle on the bad side if he was working with one of the battlers that are hypnotized to battle the castle knights. Also, his first appearance was in bakugan new Vestroia episode 52 where Dan, Shun, Murucho, Ace, Baron and Mira discovered them floating in the air inside the under construction bakugan Inter-space. One of the bakugan was a Haos Lumitroid. There were also 3 other bakugan, their names were Pyrus Snapzoid, Subterra Clawsaurus and Ventus Farakspin. The battle brawlers seemed to have trouble battling Lumitroid when he shined a large beam of light blinding them and when Drago used one of his abilities, the beam of light was so bright that it destroyed his attack but Ventus master Ingram managed to defeat Lumitroid. However, he was a digital version, so that’s probably why he can be defeated easily sometimes. You can get Lumitroid on ebay, amazon, Wal-mart, and Toys R'Us.


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