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Bakugan Preyas: Angelo, Diablo & Preyas 2

Updated on March 25, 2015


Preyas is a very comical bakugan with a lizard/chameleon appearance and a humanoid form. Although he seems very menacing at first, he is actually friendly. Small in comparison to the other monsters, Preyas makes up for it in speed. In bakugan form, a top rounded layer flips backward to reveal the head; two arms extend outward and are layered with heavy plates. He is moderately armored with reptilian skin and has sharp claws that shred his opponent.

Some Preyas’ have the unique ability to change attribute. However, this event can only take place at the beginning of a battle, where the bakugan is rolled onto a gate card (in anime it happens at any time). A wheel in its chest spins when put on a magnet and stops after a few seconds to reveal a random attribute that will be active throughout the battle, unless the player uses an ability card. Preyas has many abilities for an old Vestroia bakugan. He has many real-life ability cards as well. Preyas is a very unusual bakugan, because he is not able to “evolve”, but can spawn other bakugan that are more powerful, and have more varieties. In episode 30, Preyas spawned another bakugan with 2 sides, one with Aquos Preyas Angelo,and the other was Pyrus Diablo.

Angelo/Diablo Preyas (Preyas 2 or Dual Preyas)

Preyas 2 is a bakugan with Angelo and Diablo combined into one such that each is in his own hemisphere. When rolled onto a gate card, Preyas 2 (or Preyas II) has a 50-50 chance of becoming either Diablo, or Angelo. Each has its own G-power, so it depends on which one opens first. Some ability cards you can get are singular, meaning they only work for one of the two. But there are also some ability cards that work for both Angelo and Diablo. Diablo is a meaner, more powerful version of Preyas. He has a demon form with dragon like wings, spikes covering his body. He is mostly red in color, but he also has shades of brown, blue, purple, etc. This is also true in a real life perspective. Angelo is much kinder and gentle, but has the spirit of a comedian. In ball form, he has bird like wings with a white base color and some blue shading. The heads are not much different from each other though. The Aquos Preyas II has 550G for Angelo, and 660G for Diablo; Ventus has 650G for Angelo, and 450G for Diablo; Haos has 410G for Angelo and 640G for Diablo; Sub-terra has 720G for Angelo, and 300G for Diablo; and Darkus has 510G for Angelo, and 680G for Diablo. All Preyas are cool and have collectible values. They are retired and are only available for sale online, in which ebay and amazon are two best places to go, though no chance for bargains since they are rare these days.


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