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Bakugan Ravenoid & Spin Ravenoid

Updated on January 4, 2014
Bronze Ravenoid
Bronze Ravenoid

Ravenoid is an Old Vestroia Bakugan

Ravenoid is an old Vestroia bakugan with a very simple form. In ball form, the only parts that flip out are the wings ant feet, so he is not very special. However, it has a relatively large amount of power for an early released bakugan. He is heavily armored and has the capability to fly, so he has a pretty good advantage in battle.

His real G-power in the Anime is 380, but he is sold in 600-700G’s. Right now, they are no longer being sold in local stores, so they are considered rare. On eBay, some sellers are selling it for over $10, which I don’t really approve of. He can come in Darkus, Ventus, Pyrus, Aquos, Haos, and He is also seen in Bakubronze (black base color with a gold trimming), as well as lime green and pearl. I haven't seen a Subterra Ravenoid so far. You can find different ability cards related to Ravenoid such as Hot Wind and some other gate cards. Overall, I would only recommend buying Ravenoid if you want to complete your bakugan collection, and I'd say buy it at low price like around $3 if possible.

Spin Ravenoid

Spin Ravenoid is a variation of Ravenoid that can spin slightly when opened. According to bakugan wiki, it has a 40% chance of spinning in a perfect circle. The colors can be Sub-terra, Aquos, Ventus, Pyrus, and Darkus. There are no translucent versions being sold though. I think it is much better than Ravenoid because he has a better design, and it has a relatively higher G-power. Currently, it is qualified as very rare, because none are being sold anymore, and finding them even at their highest point of popularity would be difficult. In ball form, Spin Ravenoid looks nothing like Ravenoid. He has two small wings, with a flip out head, two arms, and feet. The head resembles a bird with a short beak. It is often said to have “evolved” from Ravenoid, but it was never actually seen in the show that happened, and there are no clues to tell what Spin Ravenoid evolved from. However, we know that he isn’t the base of its evolution process (it is not the first version). I would consider finding Spin Ravenoid to be part of my collection if I can find one at reasonable price.

The ability cards for Ravenoid are Shadow Scratch (Storm Breaker), Tornado Pandemonium, Blow Away, Spark Out, and Immobile

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