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Buy Bakugan Tigrerra & Blade Tigrerra Online

Updated on January 4, 2014
B2 Clear Tigrerra 580G
B2 Clear Tigrerra 580G


Tigrerra is a Haos attributed bakugan with the look of a female lion (or Tiger, since that’s what her name said). She is an excellent close-range fighter, but lacks proper defense. In ball form, Tirgrerra has a body with low surface area with a densely packed side shields and a small tail. Her head looks just like it in the anime. Tigrerra is an old bakugan that battled in Old Vestroia, prince Hydron froze her and the other brawler’s bakugan and turned them into stone. But she later reappeared in New Vestroia after he was freed and taken back by the brawlers in episode 25 and 26. She was then taken back to Runo (Tigrerra's former master). In episode 5, Runo battled a kid using Tigrerra last. She teamed up with Saurus to take down Fear Ripper. Using her ability, Crystal Fang, Tigrerra defeated Fear Ripper effortlessly. Her G-power is 340 in the anime, but the ball form can be over 400G (in B2), and there have been many custom G-powers made since, possibly even 800G's if you’re lucky. She has only 3 abilities, but at the old days it was considered a lot for one bakugan.

Tigrerra is very kind and protective, she usually has many moments where she talks with such words as "my lady".

Tigrerra's Ability Cards

Crystal Fang
Savage Air
Pure Light

Clear Blade Tigrerra 870G
Clear Blade Tigrerra 870G

Blade Tigrerra

Blade Tigrerra is the evolution of Tigrerra, which is more heavily armored and has more strength. Unlike Tigrerra however, blade Tigrerra stands on two legs and has “blades strong enough to slice through any material on earth”. In ball form, Tigrerra has two curved arms that stretch out, and two strange blade-like objects that hang above her head. Her head isn’t any different, just larger. She also has two feet. One thing interesting about Blade Tigrerra is that it is designed so it can be stretched wider for some reason, but this is totally optional. Blade Tigrerra may seem to be an intimidating strong battler, but uses time efficiently and is quick at judging the opponents' movements. She has very many real-life ability cards that usually just give a bakugan more G-power, but others can be more useful such as counter, or defense abilities. This bakugan can come in Sub-terra, Flip Darkus (Pinkish-Purple), Haos, Pyrus, Ventus, Pearl, Aquos, and Translucent if you’re lucky. The only color that is unavailable is the black. Although it is an old bakugan, and the make is not as complicated as the new ones, it is still very much worth to buy considering it a retired with strong sentimental feelings there, can still be a great gift idea for a youngster.

Blade Tigrerra Monster Form
Blade Tigrerra Monster Form

Blade Tigrerra Ability Cards

Velocity Fang
Lightning Shield
Lightning Tornado
Shade Ability
Hyper Velocity Fang
Saber Glowcer
Metal Fang

Deka Tigrerra, Keychain & Plush

Tigrerra bakugan is also available in Deka, keychain, and plush. It seems Deka version of Tigrerra is only made in green Ventus and black Darkus, and they are hard to find today. Keychain comes in gray Haos mega version only as of this writing. Interesting thing about stuffed Tigrerra is that you can't tell whether it is Tigrerra or Blade Tigrerra. The tail appeared to be of Tigrerra's, the arms are obviously for blade Tigrerra, or you can say it is Tigrerra's side shields, only it is made opened up. Regardless of what it really is, the plush Tigrerra looks really cute, fluffy and comfy. There are not many variations color wise, but can be a very good gift for babies and toddlers, even some bigger kids would appreciate it.


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