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SWToR: Balmorra Datacron Locations Guide - Star Wars The Old Republic

Updated on February 29, 2012

Datacron & Droids-mart

Balmorra's Datacrons!

Balmorra! Home to 5 lovely Star Wars: The Old Republic datacrons for each the Empire / Imperials and the Republic, which you shall soon be in possession of with this guide. Splendid.

Also home to lots of metal, droid factories, and the Balmorrian metal eating parasites, apparently. Capital of Bin Prime, *formed after the ancient galactic truce between Osama Bin Laden and Optimus Prime. True story. Balmorra is now a war-torn world after Osama used Optimus as a human shield when the Jedi raided his home, sparking conflicts between the Autodroids and the Deceptorebels.

Datacron 1 - Empire and Republic.

Datacron numero uno!

Where? Farnel Research Facility: 191, -342.

What? The first datacron will award you with:

  • Empire: Codex Entry: "Galactic History 32: Long Exile"
  • Empire: +2 Willpower
  • Republic: Codex Entry: "Galactic History 53: The Conclave at Deneba"
  • Republic: +2 Aim.

How? It's hard to miss this one (the box anyway!), but it'll tell you it needs a key. Oh schnap! Keys, smeys... head to 672, 38 and grab a Lost Code Cylinder from Mrs. Junk Dealer. Head to the box, stare it down, and crack it open. Cackling maniacally at your junk's supremacy over a box optional. For my fellow Imperial players, to reach Bugtown you'll need to head over to Vanguard Outpost (-1550, 1287) in the south-west, as it is the only place with a taxi linked there!

Datacron 2 - Empire and Republic

Datacron deux!

Where? Okara Droid Factory - [Heroic] Assembly Line: -1018, 1516.

What? The second datacron will award you with:

  • Empire: Codex Entry: "Galactic History 28: The Battle at Primus Goluud"
  • Empire: +2 Aim
  • Republic: Codex Entry: "Galactic History 56: The Brotherhood of the Sith"
  • Republic: +4 Cunning.

How? Now this is a fun one. Get your Super Mario shoes out kids, it's platforming time! Go inside the factory and go down the lift to the Assembly Line. What a nice view of the droid assembly lines! Jump/fall down under the assembly line and head towards -1020, 1515. Now for those 1980s Mario skills. There is a hole in the ground inside a square structure, and as you will see looking down it, some pipes and a datacron! Carefully traverse from pipe to pipe and land on the Datacron. Success! If not, crack out the NES and get some practise.

Datacron 3 - Empire and Republic

Datacron number three!

Where? Empire: 726, 2033. Republic: 730, 2028.

What? The third datacron will award you with:

  • Republic: Codex Entry: "Galactic History 57: The Brotherhood's Power Grows"
  • Republic: +2 Presence
  • Empire: +2 Strength.

How? Eaaaasy peasy one now! Head from Sundari Imperial Outpost/Lower Sundari Outpost across the bridge. From there head south. Imperials will find a path 689, 1866 and Republic players at 716,1856. Follow the curves of the terrain until you reach the datacron. Easy! No Mario jumping or lockpicking!

Datacron 4 - Empire ONLY!

Datacron number four!

Where? Neebray Warehouse: -504, 1988.

What? The fourth Imperial datacron will award you with:

  • Codex Entry: "Galactic History 30: Rise of the Sith Emperor"
  • Green Matrix Shard.

How? Unfortunately you'll need a friend for this one, no matter how badass you may be! Grab your nearest good guy Greg and take them to the entrance at -472, 1918. Make your way to the elevator and take it to the second floor. There you will see a datacron behind a force-field. Have you and your friend press the two buttons on either side of the room at the same time, as though arming a nuclear missile or other dramatic event evoking childish excitement... then collect datacron. Profit.

Datacron 4 - Republic ONLY!

Datacron number four... again!

Where? Colicoid Queen's Nest: -485, -233.

What? The fourth Republic datacron will award you with:

  • Codex Entry: "Galactic History 54: Ulic's Fall"
  • +3 Endurance.

How? Head on over to the entrance at -190, -291, explore a bit until you enter the factory, where, at -358, -230, you will find a not-so-hidden-now hidden passage on the left. Take a gander and you'll be the happy owner of another datacron! Huzzah!

Datacron 5 - Empire ONLY!

Fifth and final Datacron on Balmorra for Imperial players!

Where? Balmorran Arms Factory: 1851, 110.

What? The fifth Imperial datacron will award you with:

  • Codex Entry: "Galactic History 29: Sadow's Escape"
  • +2 Cunning.

How? Get yourself inside the Arms Factory and locate the elevator. Take it to Level Two and go outside. You're in the right place if your minimap says Power Center. Go to the right towards the pier and head under it: near to the supporting column you will see your last Balmorran datacron waiting patiently for you next to the water! Congratulations!

Datacron 5 - Republic ONLY!

And now for the last Datacron Republic players are searching for!

Where? Gorinth Canyon: -779, 2069.

What? The fifth Republic datacron will award you with:

  • Codex Entry: "Galactic History 55: The Ascension of Exar"
  • +4 Willpower.

How? Take a speeder or quicktravel to Gorinth Outpost and follow the road south. After crossing three bridges peel off to the left and get yourself to -655, 1830. See that metal pipe connecting the two hills? Head across it, then around to the south side of the hill, following the path. Peek down the hill and... bingo! Jump down and grab your last datacron!

*fictional-cool-story-bro-extended canon.


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