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Hula Honey Barbie, Pin-Up Girls Collection

Updated on September 11, 2012
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Did you know Mattel wanted to sell more Barbie clothing than dolls? That's why her proportions were so wild—the clothes make her look human!

This is part two of a three-part series on the Barbie Pin-Up Girls Collection. Part one is about Way Out West Barbie.

Hula Honey and her red flower
Hula Honey and her red flower | Source

About Hula Honey Barbie

Designed by Anna Choi, Hula Honey Barbie is the second doll in a series of three Pin-Up Girls Collection dolls. The collection is meant to bring to mind the pin-up shots that illustrators created for American GIs to look at while away from their lady loves at home.

What does that mean for us? It means these dolls smolder, but sweetly.

The release date of this doll was 6/1/2006, and its packaging proudly states that she is a Gold Label Barbie, meaning that no more than 25,000 of its kind were created worldwide. Actually, the number of units produced of Hula Honey Barbie was no more than 9,900 worldwide, making this doll fairly rare!

Hula Honey's ukelele
Hula Honey's ukelele | Source

Hula Honey's Stance

Hula Honey Barbie stands with her legs slightly apart. A plastic ukelele with a flower design rests on her delicate right wrist. Both arms are bent, and she looks as though she is about to break into song.

"Aloha!" She seems to welcome us to her native island.

Hula Honey Barbie
Hula Honey Barbie | Source
Close-up of frizzed, bi-color Hula Honey hair
Close-up of frizzed, bi-color Hula Honey hair | Source

Hula Honey's Hair and Makeup

Hula Honey's hair is parted on the right, and has been sectioned into two large masses above her shoulders. They are trained into distinct frizzed waves. The hair itself is of two colors, black and dark red strands swirled together so it looks like it has been highlighted by the sun. This depth of color gives her hair a uniquely pleasing appearance. A large red flower is set above her ear on the left side.

Barbie's eye makeup is uncomplicated. She sports very thick silver eye shadow on her lids and swiped directly under her brows. Light brown is swept into the crease of her eye, and she wears a thin line of dark brown eyeliner on her upper and lower lashes.

But here's where it becomes complicated... she has a double set of lashes -- painted on, and rooted. The painted lashes are brown, and the rooted lashes are thick, black, and uncurled. Her eyebrows are narrow and begin as a light brown in her forehead, tapering to a point and deepening in color to darker brown.

Barbie's lipstick is very dark red and though smiling alluringly, her lips do not turn up at the corners. To top all this off is a fetching beauty mark on her left cheek.

Hula Honey Barbie and her accessories
Hula Honey Barbie and her accessories | Source

Hula Honey's Clothes

Well... there aren't many. But who wears a lot of clothes in Hawaii?

Barbie wears a red, yellow, and green bikini with matching pareo. The fabric is printed with tropical flowers and leaves. The top is halter-style with a twist in the front and the straps around the neck continue all the way down the sides of the bikini top.

Around her lovely neck is secured a lei of fluffy orange flowers with a deeper orange color in the middle, and she has matching wrist pieces of the same flowers.

On her right hand she wears a large ring reminiscent of a pearlized shell. She wears strappy red high-heeled sandals, and her fingernails and toenails are painted the same color as her smiling lips.

Her unworn accessories are numerous... a green "grass" skirt made of raffia trimmed with the same red flowers as she wears in her hair.

There is also a plastic coconut bra with raffia ties, and a fruity concoction in a coconut shell, just waiting to be sipped.

Grass skirt and coconut Barbie bra
Grass skirt and coconut Barbie bra | Source
Front of Hula Honey box
Front of Hula Honey box | Source

Hula Honey's Box

The box is illustrated with pink and yellow flowers surrounding a drawing of the doll lounging on a rock, one leg stretched out in front of her and the other tucked under. She leans forward with both arms on her right leg, chin resting on her shoulder, peeping unabashedly at us in a classic cheesecake-style pose.

Behind the first level of the box is nestled a black doll stand, as is the collectible card and her certificate of authenticity.


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