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Bastion Game Play and Initial Thoughts

Updated on August 18, 2011

I recently completed the Bastion demo and instantly purchased the game afterward because I absolutely LOVE the game play, sound track, art style and hack and slash nature of the game.

I'm a long term Diablo II fan which made me instantly take notice of Bastion when it was released on PC earlier this month (August 2011). The game was $15 which was a no-brainer purchase because I already knew I was going to have a blast playing it.

Well, 15 minutes into the game and I know I've made a great choice. I'm instantly hooked.

If you're a fan of action hack n' slash games than take a look at Bastion because it definitely fulfills that awesome feel as you're hacking down enemies, collecting gems, upgrading your items and leveling up.

The game looks incredibly beautiful. The world comes up from the bottom as you move which always keeps the action, on screen, fresh and exciting. The cartoony look of the game really fits well with the character animations and enemies; it reminds me a bit of of the Spyro and Sly Cooper series I would play for hours when they first came out.

I've only just begun the game but I know it's going to be a hit in my book. I took the time to put together a short video of the opening sequence that should give you a good glimpse into what the game is like - I'm not all that good at this time since I'm just starting - but I think it shows how awesome the world is and the type of action you can expect in the game.

I will be adding to this hub as I get further through the game so stay tuned!

Played Bastion yet? What do you think?

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