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Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC Review

Updated on June 14, 2012

Pros: Robin's inclusion, good action, cool moves.

Cons: underdeveloped storyline, confined locations, runs out quickly.

A name which has thrilled us time and time again starts with a letter 'B'. Needless to say that there will be no rewards for guessing; it is none other than our mystic hero Batman. You think of him and you start feeling your capes spreading like wings. The last game Batman: Arkham City gave us immense pleasure, satisfaction and excitement of playing one of the biggest names in the history of superheroes. I must say that just before we could return to our daily boring lives Rocksteady gives us a decent chance to get into the boots of Batman again in Batman: Arkham city Harley Quinn's Revenge.

Playable characters:

Batman: The game casts the title hero Batman with the same brutality, sense of justice and expertise of unique bat fight. The character of Batman is no different than the last series of the game apart from a fact that it starts with failure (for a change). The black suit which has been mesmerizing our imaginations of being a superhero is again eye catching. Stealth, inverted take down, heavy punches and flips is all what tells about the lead hero. There is only pleasure playing as Batman, as always have been.

Robin: Introduced to the main campaign with full functionality makes you feel better. This graceful and less brutal hero gives you an opportunity to use his gadgets like shuriken, snap-flash, a zip-line kick, and a bullet shield. I should admit that snap-flash is really useful. It works like a sticky-bomb. Though you will have shorter time to play in this avatar but it gives a feel good factor before you play as the dark knight. His dress is good and if you could forget that you are playing a batman game then I don't think that it will give you any sidekick feeling.

Game Play and Graphics:

Graphics: Before you open and install the game get this into your mind that every game cannot be 'Batman: Arkham city' even if it comes into the same series. At least this is what I learned while playing the game. More or less the same graphic smoothness as the last game in the series but Rocksteady has contracted the playing environment. The freedom of swinging around and rooftops are likely to be missed.

Game play: While I was playing as Robin I could hear him screaming that 'take me out of this shipyard' but couldn't help it. Robin's whole venture starts and ends in the shipyard. I felt a bit constrained in it but the time passes quickly and before you could acclimate with Robin his role is over.

Batman too lacks last time's freedom. Fighting inside steel mill (former HQ of Joker) is not that bad but I thought that if I was him I could have glided more. Familiar moves and known tricks is always worth full if they are of Batman.


Story starts with Robin in a situation where the mystic hero Batman is mysteriously missing. Robin fights with thugs and bad guys to find Batman. His conversation with Oracle clears the story of last 2 weeks. While he continues to smack down the bad guys the story goes into a flash back where Batman is supposed to rescue some police officers who are kidnapped by Harley (I think the police should get some training which will prevent them from being kidnapped every now and then). Here you come to the steel mill and get some freedom to flip and glide around. The whole story (If I may call it one) swings between Robin and Batman. Disarming bombs in time, beating up bad guys and saving hostages defines the story. Just when you think that real story will take place it disappointingly ends leaving you imagining the sequel of the game.


As I mentioned that every game cannot be equally good or bad. This game has many good things which mostly comes from the Batman: Arkham City like smooth graphics, fun fighting, challenge level, some breath taking circumstances and lots of excitement but the confined location and mere 2 hours weak story induces to think about the $10 which is the cost of this game. So, if you are great fan of Batman then go for it otherwise you can get some better things off your $10.


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