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Batman Arkham City: Mr.Freeze Boss Fight Strategy

Updated on October 31, 2011

Mr. Freeze is a boss fight featured in Batman Arkham City. He is not too tough to defeat as long as you know what to do. Basically, you have to stun him in 5 different ways. However, you will not be able to use each environmental way more than once. Most of the ways will require you to have your detective vision on.

How to Beat Mr. Freeze in Batman Arkham City

  • Perform a Stealth Takedown: At the start of the fight, have Batman go up behind Mr. Freeze and perform a stealth take down. This will stun Mr. Freeze. Once he is stunned, attack him a few times to lower his health.
  • Electrocute Mr. Freeze: Turn on your detective vision and look for an industrial electromagnet. This will be near a staircase. Wait for Mr. Freeze to come near the electromagnet, and have Batman shoot a Remote Electrical Charge at it. Mr. Freeze will get sucked into the electromagnet and will be stunned again. Attack him while he is stunned.
  • Electrocute Mr. Freeze by turning on electrical wires: Make sure your detective vision is on and look for a power switch. Wait for Mr. Freeze to get close to the wires and press the switch. Note that it does not matter which side he comes from because you can turn the electrical wires on from both sides. Attack him after he is electrocuted.

How to beat Mr. Freeze in Batman Arkham City (continued)

  • Take down Mr. Freeze while hiding under a grate/vent in the floor: There will be these grates on the floor that you can hide under. Wait for Mr. Freeze to walk above the grate and jump out and perform a take down.
  • Use Explosive Gel on walls: Plant explosive gel on a destructible wall and when Mr. Freeze walks by, detonate the explosive gel.

Other Ways to Stun Mr. Freeze in Batman Arkham City

There may be other ways to stun Mr. Freeze other than the ones mentioned in this article. I have heard that you can use the disruptor to disable his gun or glide kick. I have not verified this or seen it in any videos, but if anyone knows, leave a comment below about the Batman Arkham City Mr. Freeze Boss Battle.


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    • profile image

      eric 5 years ago

      On hard difficulty you have to use pretty much every stun method available to take him out. The order I did them in is below.

      1) Stealth attack


      3)Explosive spray on wall

      4)Electricity on the floor


      6)Glide kick

      7)Drop attack via tight rope (possible from a ledge)

      8)Weapon disrupter

      9)Explosive spray from ceiling.

      The biggest issues to watch out for are you can ruin your walls/ceiling by missing, and spray that isn't on a reverse side doesn't actually count. You can use the Nora ice statues to distract him and move him where you want if you need to.

    • profile image

      bob 5 years ago

      yes i have done it and it works

    • profile image

      selloa 6 years ago

      Just press SELECT and the Batcomputer will tell you all the takedown possibilities. Greetz

    • profile image

      JOE 6 years ago

      if you press select (on ps3) it tells you all the ways to get at him and how to do them :)

    • Jorel Moss profile image

      Jorel Moss 6 years ago from New York, New York

      Thanx for the walk-thru

    • Jorel Moss profile image

      Jorel Moss 6 years ago from New York, New York

      definitely 1 of the best boss fights I've ever had. This model of freeze is smart and adaptable and he learn and we rarely get that in a video game. On story plus mode he definitely is harder to kill tho

    • Ironman1992 profile image

      Ironman1992 6 years ago

      I liked this boss fight, because Mr. Freeze could actually learn from his mistakes. Usually, in a boss fight, the player can keep using the same moves over and over.

    • profile image

      blade67 6 years ago

      this information helped me out a lot because i was tired of hiding from mr. freeze because it was suspenceful so i hid so could not find me but it looks like he can sense which part of the room i was in then I was thinking of going into one of those cage things but the path was blocked but now i know i can blow up the path so he can follow me and i can do a silent takedown. also it helps very much to know that i can stop his freeze gun with the disruptor so it will very much easier.

    • profile image

      Yopo 6 years ago

      Geeze. I'm playing on Hard New Game Plus, I've used every method mentioned in here (Electrocution via the wire in the water, sneak up takedown, stealth ledge takedown, drop takedown, grate takedown, magnetized his ass, window attack, collapsable wall explosion, overhead window takedown) and I even tried batclawing his bald head and got blasted for it. There's just a tiny sliver of health left for us both and I. Am. Tapped. The only trick I see here is the line-launch-and-walk. (The glide-kick sounds like suicide)

      So....I guess I'll have to try the line-launch. Wish me luck!

    • profile image

      andre 6 years ago

      what do i do after mr.freeze is subdued,he is just standing,after i fought him

    • profile image

      ToughGuy9297 6 years ago

      You can also use the line-launcher as an attack method. When he's in the path of the line launcher it and you zipline down it, you will kick him in the process stunning him.

    • profile image

      jp75 6 years ago

      On my last post i said the roof was to the right, sorry its to the left of start position.

      This is how i did it. a bit lengthy but here goes....

      (1)Crouch from start, and head left behind the row of servers, let him come up steps while you drop dwn, rite beside you is an exploding wall, head behind it and place 3 gel bombs and wait on him coming dwn, forget detective mode as it is jammed, you will know as you'll see his lghts from gap below wall, then wen it says "1 hostile" explode it. then attack

      2)grappel strait back up and wait on the rail above, you can then do the tricky ledge silent takedwn

      3)grappel back up and go onto the weak roof, he will head back upstairs. quickly jump dwn directly below the roof and he will fire his 3 heat seekers, they will explode above you and he will say no hiding from me or some gash, then he'll head dwn towards you, quickly look up and see if he is coming from left or right, quickly head up opposite way without him seeing you and stand on weak roof, he will walk directly under you, wen it says takedown press y

      4)then sneak behind the exploded wall and do a silent takedwn from behind him

      5)head to your left and jump through 1 of the 2 windows, wait till he comes and do takedwn

      6)head back in and do the same through the unbroken window

      7)get to the vents and climb server beside them climb down and into vent, this will hide your footprints, or he will just hit you wif a freeze grenade!

      8)head into area where the broken cable is and lure him into puddle, hit the switch on lefthandside wall tht says "use"

      9)head left and again wait on him approaching the electro-magnet then zap it.

      10)run upstairs and dwn other side to other magnet, wait till he approches and hit the ice statue of his wife to the left of the magnet with a baterang.NOTE...don't just keep hitting the 2nd magnet as he can see this and freezes it, just wait till u see his lights then takeout the statue, this will distract him then hit the magnet.

      11) head back upstairs and climb up server and carry out both dropkick

      12)then glide kick

      13) then use your disruptor on his gun,decide which 4 you think are hardest and leave them out if u wish, this covers you, if he freezes the 2nd magnet, or if u can't do the statues, or 1 of the window takedowns etc....good luck gamerz...hope this helps..jon

      NOTE..Also the ice statues of freeze's wife, place gel bombs round the base, when he approches, hit it with the baterang, he will go over to it, then explode them.(14)

    • profile image

      jp75 6 years ago

      ther are 14 ways i counted on hard mode YOU NEED 10 takedowns:

      1 explode weak wall beneath start position with 3 gel bombs( wait till it says @ 1 hostile) then explode..important!

      2 you can get him with both magnets if your crafty you need 2 use the far away 1 first and then distarct him by using baterang on ice statue of nora beside other, don't keep hitting it as he see's this and blasts it!

      3. you can do 2 silent takedowns, 1 from ledge above, and THEN one from behind.

      4. the burst cable, lead him in then hit the button saying USE.

      5 use his own disruptor against him.

      6. Vent takedown, avoid leaving footprints where you jump in though!

      7 2 window take downs, 1 broken and 1 unbroken.

      8 roof takedown, that is just to right of start position.

      9. Glide kick

      10. drop attack...

      try using the explosion 1st, and roof takedown as these are tricky..

    • profile image

      TMH 6 years ago

      Glide kick works well, the electrical shock is very effective, I found it only took 4 attacks to get him, not sure if I was lucky, or if I miss understood and there are 5 methods of getting him, but it does not take 5 hits to finish him off.

    • profile image

      Tim 6 years ago

      You can also surprise attack him from the other side of a window and from a railing as he walks by.

    • profile image

      BM 6 years ago

      you have to use all of them to take him out in New Game +

    • profile image

      I'm Batman! 6 years ago

      Over head take down while on railing.

    • profile image

      kyle bewley 6 years ago

      thanks for the walk through geeza , i have to be honest even with this help i still can't clock it , must be crap lol thanks though buddy!

    • profile image

      Ellerwind 6 years ago

      Done both glide kick and disrupt his freeze ray. The glide kick was the hard to do but you can if you work it right.

      I was just after the 5th way to stun him (Did kick, disrupt, grate and electromagnet). Ty for the the other way.

    • profile image

      Boom Boom 6 years ago

      1. Stealth takedown

      2. Dive kick

      3. Drop attack

      4. Ledge takedown

      5. Takedown from grating

      6. Disrupt his freeze ray

      7. Electrocute

      8. Electromagnetize

    • profile image

      Mrfeto 6 years ago

      If you use your Line launcher then walk on the line. he will not be able to see you. Walk over Mr. Freeze and you will see the DROP ATTACK PROMPT. Be fast because as soon as he realizes your not on the ground he will release Heat seekers. Also you can disable his gun using the disruptor then quickly attack him.

    • profile image

      Lord Absinthe 6 years ago

      The Weapon Disruption works, have just used it, was looking for another couple of ways to stun him. Very Helpful

    • profile image

      Chef 6 years ago

      You can drop attack him and use thr distuptor as well


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