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Batman Arkham City: Penguin & Grundy Boss Battle Strategy

Updated on October 27, 2011

You will face many infamous villains in Batman Arkham City. One of these villains is the Penguin and Solomon Grundy. This boss fight will mostly consist of fighting Solomon Grundy, however. You will fight the Penguin at the end. The Penguin is basically using Solomon Grundy to fight you.

How to beat the Penguin and Solomon Grundy in Batman Arkham City

Solomon Grundy is very tough, but is not that intelligent. Batman will not be able to take on Grundy with normal combat. Grundy is healed by electricity, however, this is also his greatest weakness. Batman will need to trick Grundy into hitting the electrical generators on the floor.

Grundy has two wrecking balls that are attached to chains on each of his arms. Grundy will try to smash Batman with these so make sure you are constantly moving around to avoid these attacks. If Batman gets farther away from Grundy, he may lunge at Batman. Roll out of the way to avoid taking damage when he lunges at you from the other side of the room.

  • Trick Grundy by making him hit his own electrical generators (these heal him)! Have Batman stand on top of an open electrical generator and wait for Grundy to attack with his wrecking balls. Before Grundy is about to hit you, roll out of the way to avoid the attack and Grundy will hit the electrical generator. This leaves him open for Batman to attack!
  • You can also plant Bat mines to detonate the generators and stun Grundy.
  • If an electrical generator lid shuts, Batman can still plant bat mines on it. Wait for it to open and detonate it!

After you destroy the generators, the penguin will use the back up generators. You will have to destroy them again. Be aware, however, Solomon Grundy becomes more aggressive and attacks with flaming wrecking balls! Make sure Batman dodges these attacks.

Tips for fighting Solomon Grundy in Batman Arkham City

  • Watch out for Grundy's spinning wrecking ball attack. Jump or roll to avoid this attack!
  • Do not stand near the electricity when it is healing Grundy, it can cause damage to Batman
  • Keep moving throughout the fight, and try to distance yourself from Grundy to avoid his wrecking ball lunge attacks.
  • Attack Solomon Grundy when he is stunned from the electrical generators.

After Solomon Grundy is taken out, the penguin will fight you. He will shoot grenade launchers at you. Avoid this by running diagonally and follow up with some combo attacks and you will defeat him easily.


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    • profile image

      RaviThe1st(xbox) 6 years ago

      Or you could just go to the generators and use LT+X to put explosive gel on them as it takes too long to put explosive gel on them the normal way and detonate them and it works the exact same way and is easier than what the page says.

    • profile image

      matt 6 years ago

      tip: leave quickfire explosive gel LT+A on the vents when they're orange, then detonate them. A lot faster. I didn't even think about the wrecking balls.