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Battleborn DLC Thoughts

Updated on May 24, 2016

Battleborn is released but its content isn't stopping. Gearbox is known for making above average quality DLC, but this is a different IP and we can only speculate what we might receive. And I love speculating.

The five DLC characters including Alani in the center, who becomes available May 31st (early access notwithstanding).
The five DLC characters including Alani in the center, who becomes available May 31st (early access notwithstanding). | Source

Character Speculations

Going from the left, I might guess it to be an LLC character. A lot of the LLC designs follow a similar rounded, futuristic robotic/cybernetic approach (think almost like Baymax from Big Hero 6). It's appearance also largely seems to be gener neutral, so unless we have a physical pilot (ala Toby in his mech suit), it stands to read that it's another robot/Magnus like Marquis and ISIC. Like many others online, I believe it to be most likely Nova based on the Saboteur mission (robot suit!). In fact it would be kind of a huge bummer to kind of have that suggestion given to us only for it to fall through. As for role, not sure. LLC had a great variety of roles, but could be a kind of healer, but Kleese does that, El Dragon and Phoebe are a attackers, ISIC is a Defender, and Marquis is a sniper. Could be anything, really. I could assume another sniper class, but with that considerable frame, it's unlikely.

Next from left is the avian-looking fellow/lady. That makes it three birds now (with Benedict and Toby). It looks flightless and a lot of people are imagining a chicken which makes sense. It's obvious Peacekeeper due to the star on its shoulderpad and its conventional weaponry that defines the UPR. The Peacekeepers are largely attackers throughout (kinda sorta excluding Montana who doesn't know who he is), so maybe this character would operate as a healer? Maybe with ranged grenades with healing bursts. I'm also hoping there's some relation to Toby, maybe the reason why he has such low self-esteem (but that could be explained in his lore, which I have yet to touch).

The middle is Alana and she's obvious as she comes out literally today for PS4 beta players. Eldrid, healer/attacker. That's two healers to one faction.

Next is a Rogue, due to the tattered clothes and raggedy-looking weapons. I'd have to guess that it's a kind of bipedal snake due to the tongue. Maybe the Rogues gain a new kind of assassin, one more of a glass cannon than Shayne and Aurox? Perhaps this character will be built more for interruptions. Snakes make me thing of venom, which could be DoT and the character looks lithe and very fast. It could be of whatever race Orendi is and just assumed a snake face as well.

Finally, we have possibly the most important. It's Jennerit due to the hard edged design. The large arm is very similar to Attikus and Rendain. My favorite thought is that it's definitely Empress Lenore, considering her fate seems undisclosed due to the prologue dialogue. The Jennerit has a healer and four attackers. Perhaps Empress Lenore will be a kind of tank with self-rez, considering her status as 'dead' and she's coming back, assuming my theory is valid.

From Borderlands The PreSequel, Nisha in her best skin option
From Borderlands The PreSequel, Nisha in her best skin option | Source


We know from the Season Pass that we’re.getting more skins and taunts. Taunts are pretty self evident but there’s one thing that frustrates me about Gearbox, its skins. In the Borderlands games, it’s not so much ‘skins’ as it is ‘different color scheme.’ a lot of the default skins have more clearly defined details than the alternates and it becomes a bit of a bummer, specifically Marquis. Sure, you can broadcast to everyone what level range your character is, but it’s not nearly exciting as looking completely different than normal.

Borderlands skins for Battleborn characters:

  • Oscar Mike as Axton (similar builds)
  • Melka as Mad Moxxi (same voice actress)
  • Marquis as Mordecai (with Blood wing owls!)
  • El Dragon/Montana as Brick
  • Kleese as Handsome Jack (keep the chair of course)

The one Gearbox exception is in the Pre-Sequel from the Holodome DLC where a skin gives you a corrupted Eridian aesthetic. It changes the actual detail to your character and it was great! Some people have even commented that some characters greatly resemble Borderlands equivalents (like Shayne and Aurox to match the Mechromancer and Deathtrap), and it would be fantastic to see that in game. Take a cue from League of Legends characters and give them even alternate outfits, such as Christmas or summer themed. I would hardcore play as ISIC wearing a bikini. Just saying. If we’re paying for these, let’s make it worth it.

A swarm of Varelsi from the game
A swarm of Varelsi from the game | Source


There are three different ways we can go with this. 1, since the levels match character releases, we may be getting levels that more heavily explore said characters. It would be similar to The Renegade with Caldarius or The Experiment with Boldur. I don’t like this idea as much because we can choose to explore a character's back story via lore challenges, allowing the levels to be more interesting. Also with the preset planets following a faction theme, we don’t have planets for the LLC or the Rogues. More on different planets later.

2, we get an Epilogue. We beat Rendain but what now? It could be similar to Borderlands with a new campaign following chronologically (see General knox, Assault on Dragon Keep, etc). Maybe we’d get more understanding about the Varelsi (of which we know nothing) or Rendain's now second in command (after Deande’s desertion). Perhaps we get more info about Empress Lenore’s fate. Maybe we’d end up going through a Varelsi portal ourselves (we do for a moment in Void’s Edge). There are are lot of things that can be done.

3, and this is more of are personal want, we could get raids equivalent to Destiny. Hear me out. I love the loving snot out of Destiny Raids, by far one of the best experiences I have in a game. In Battleborn, it requires some diligent team building and good communication, though you may still play without a mic (maybe). Various puzzles, bosses that require more than just shooting at them (The Algorithm did this pretty well but it could be deeper). Also, put in matchmaking searches where you can optimize with other mic players. That helps build the community.

With all this said, we don't know if we’d get new planets to explore (since we really only have 3 at the moment). It’d be pretty great to see whatever the LLC base is like, or visit the Rogue’s asteroid (and maybe get low gravity effects!). This would also support more different kinds of pvp maps.

Your Thoughts/Ideas

I want to hear what you think about it. Agree or disagree with my characters? Do you prefer the palette swap for skins or do you want something more? What would you be most interested in for more campaign missions? Let me know in the comments below!


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      2 years ago

      wow awesome article i like that....

      keep it up...


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