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Battlefield 1 Review

Updated on October 25, 2016

Battlefield 1: The Educational Bloodbathe

When you first launch the game, you're introduced to an emotional cutscene, the game tells you about the war, and how what you're about to experience is "frontline combat" and that you're not expected to survive. Then you are THROWN into a broken landscape where the earth burns and smoke plumes into the sky, blocking out any sunlight. You quickly realize you need to get moving or you will be shot. Following the orders of your comrade, you charge forward to take up a position on the frontline. After successfully repelling the first few waves. You're going to be horribly low on ammo and start to panic. You're going to feel hopeless and like you're about to die.

Welcome to war, kid.

This scene, or level, is extremely eye opening to the pointless carnage and bloodshed that happened not only in World War I, but in all wars that humanity has blindly engaged in. As a millennial, I found that I was being shown the realities of how close and gritty war really is. And of course, this isn't the first war game I've played nor the first to show me how war really is. But what Battlefield does exceedingly well is immerse you through stunning sounds and graphical effects. Making you unable to stop your heart from beating through your chest.

You can feel the tension in the atmosphere in Battlefield 1.
You can feel the tension in the atmosphere in Battlefield 1. | Source

I've played other Battlefield titles, Why is this one different?

The Battlefield series is a huge multi-game franchise that has flourished for well over 10 years. With each one thus far having a different theme. While some of the Battlefield titles have been busts, the vast majority have been exceptionally great.

Battlefield 1 fits into the second category.

Within the gamers I've talked to whether, being online friends, or classmates, everyone seems to concur that this is the best Battlefield yet. The things it does well really make it stand out as a "triple A" title. Things such as the stunning visuals and the crisp, clear and loud sounds. The way the guns crack and pop in a way that makes them feel genuinely ancient and unreliable. The background ambiance and the dramatic high-speed action of every encounter.

But as with every game, Battlefield isn't all sunshine and roses. It hosts a lot of inconveniences and questionable internal decisions. I'm referring to the way battle packs and skins are handed out, or why they are even there. You'd be hard pressed to find a WW1 soldier with a golden pistol, or a camo covered rifle. And speaking of unrealistic portrayals, why are machine guns so prevalent with a World War I title where machine guns were a rare and experimental technology?

I get it, though, the game wouldn't be able to fit into the vast market of casual shooters if it was slow, trench-based combat with bolt action rifles and bayonets, it just seems like it shows an alternate history that younger audiences might soak in as a realistic example of how technology in 1918 actually was.

Lets talk about the multiplayer

Multiplayer in Battlefield 1 is hands down the best feature of the game. It features a good amount of game modes, some new to the series, and some classics, such as conquest and rush. All of the game modes offer high action and intense gameplay, full of bullets , explosions, and death. But I would say the finest of the game modes is the new "Operations" mode, where you play through historically accurate scenarios with 64 other players. Typically, in an online shooter everyone does their own thing while mildly contributing to the main objectives, but in operations, there is a sense of brotherhood and teamwork that is not experienced much elsewhere.

Feeling the pressure of holding your last objective while the enemy keeps battering your lines and crippling all attempts of a counter attack from your side. It's overwhelming how much emotion you will feel during your final stand against the enemy, especially when their dreadnought comes into play to try and deal the final blow, or when the building you're holding crumbles into a heap of rubble after taking multiple artillery and tank shells.

Battlefield 1 offers a smooth and fluid experience, and it's really enjoyable when playing with your friends. We often find ourselves laughing uncontrollably when an ally steps on a mine and begins his mission of an involuntary moon landing, or when you're running to the heat of a fight and get sniped causing panic amongst your friends, usually resulting in you all being killed from the hidden threat.

The detailed destruction will baffle you every time.
The detailed destruction will baffle you every time. | Source

There's a thousand ways to die in Battlefield 1

No matter how good you think you are at shooters, you are going to die in Battlefield 1. It might not be from getting shot (although highly likely) but it will be from gas, tanks, mortars, planes, blimps, mines, buildings or battleships.

I can't stress enough how diverse the game is for a shooter. Everyone, whether a veteran to the genre or completely new, will find something they thrive at to help push your team into a victory. That's why I think the battles feel so intense, because of all the chaos map wide. You'll have planes buzzing overhead and bombs going off just meters away from you. Hell from a personal experience I've had an enemy tank go right through the building I was seeking shelter in, luckily he didn't see me, but boy was I startled and my adrenaline sure got pumping.

The planes are especially deadly if utilized correctly.
The planes are especially deadly if utilized correctly. | Source


Battlefield has its definite flaws, especially for a high budget "triple A" game. But the flaws are minor compared to the sheer amounts of fun you'll have with this title. It really is a superb addition to anyone's collection. Yes, there have been awful battlefield titles in the past, *cough* Hardline, but this one is setting the bar high for future iterations of the Battlefield series. I highly, highly recommend you pick it up.

It's worth every penny.

Battlefield 1 rating: 9/10

Official Launch Trailer

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