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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Tips and How To Guide

Updated on April 29, 2011

The following is a guide of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer tips and tricks. With COD: MW2 taking the FPS world by storm and then, all of a sudden, falling apart on itself, many players have made the jump over to the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer arena.

But not so fast Tex. If you hop into BF head first thinking your going to pwn everything in sight just because you have 30 nukes on the Modern Warfare 2 playground you are sadly mistaken. Battlefield's multiplayer mode is a completely different monster and must be treated as such.With a little patience and a lot of practice, you'll be securing objectives and defending bases in no time.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Basics

There are a few basic things that all Battlefield Multiplayer competitors should know and practice on a regular basis.

Teamwork, Teamwork, Teamwork

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is all about teamwork. You are rewarded for each and everything you do that helps your team in any way. For example as a medic, if you have a teammate on the verge of death and you throw him a med-kit, you can gain up to 120 points depending on how hurt he is and whether or not he's a squad mate.

You have to think in terms of your team. You're not going to go out as a one man army and constantly pwn a four man squad that is working together, no matter how good you are.

Deploying Your Parachute

In Battlefield 2 you will often run into situations where you will need to jump off of a ledge or out of a helicopter in order to survive. For this reason, each player is equipped with a parachute that can be deployed by double tapping the X button.

Spotting The Enemy

In Battlefield BC2 you can use the select button to give various commands. The most important and useful of these commands is the spotting command. When you are looking directly at an enemy through your hardscope (looking down your iron site, ACOG, etc) press the select button and he will be temporarily marked with a red dot above his head, and also on the map, for the whole team to see.

This is extremely important and you should get into the habit of spotting every enemy you see. This insures that if you miss him, there will still be a good chance that a teammate will take him out which will award you with a 20 point spotting bonus and will, in some situations, save your life. Perform this with any enemy or enemy vehicle.

Calling For Health, Ammo, and Rides

The select button can also be used to ask teammates for certain items. For example, if you are injured and your teammate medic doesn't realize it, you can look at him and press select to call out for some health. This will make you start flashing on his map and will also give him an auditory cue to give you some health. The same can be performed on a member of the assault class to ask for ammo.

To call out for a ride, look at the vehicle your teammate is driving and press select. Same situation, your player will yell out for a ride and you will be marked on the teammates map.

Squads and Friends

At the beginning of every multiplayer session, you have the option of joining a squad or going as a lone wolf. Never go with the later, a squad is vital in every game mode you will play in BF: BC2 and should be utilized in every match. While a microphone will definitely help, it is not particularly necessary. Just be sure to utilize your select button(spotting, calling for ammo, rides etc) and stick with your squad as much as possible, providing them with whatever support you can.

Don't be shy, if you do have a mic and you get in a squad with another mic'd up teammate talk to them and communicate what's going on. You have a very rare chance of running into any inchworm a-holes like you find in every MW2 lobby you join. I've actually never run into any people worthy of being muted yet and have made plenty of friends.

A squad that works together is going to have a huge advantage over a squad that does everything individually. A good four man squad usually consists of two assault soldiers, a medic, and either a good sniper or an engineer. Also, two medics and one assault will serve the same purpose.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Classes Tips and Tricks

Each class in Battlefield Bad Company 2 is designed with it's own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Assault Class

The assault class is your typical front line soldier. He comes equipped with an Assault Rifle and 40mm attachment. He also has the ability to throw out ammo boxes to his teammates to keep their, and his own, ammo supply at a maximum. The 40mm Grenade Launcher can be eventually switched out with a smoke grenade launcher or a shotgun shell. The Grenade is probably your best bet considering it can be used to blow through walls and other structures, which equals out to be a huge advantage on the battlefield.

When using a soldier weapon, your 40mm grenade gets switched with C4 which comes in handy when playing in a Rush or Squad Rush game.

Engineer Class

Your engineer is equipped with a silenced sub machine gun and some sort of Anti-Tank device. You will have the option of choosing between several rocket launchers or AT mines. He also has a tool which can be used to repair damaged vehicles or destroy enemy vehicles. Be sure to keep all of your teammates vehicles healthy and to destroy all of the enemies vehicles.

Anti Tank Mines can also be used as impromptu C4, which you must shoot, that deals a much greater ring of damage.

Medic Class

The Medic Class is one of the most important classes in Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer. Not only do you come equipped with a Heavy Machine Gun which has a huge ammo capacity and high damage ratio, but you also get a defibrillator, which can be used to bring fallen teammates back to life, and a health pack, which you throw out to give teammates health.

Each teammate you revive is worth as many points as a kill and squad mates are worth more. So if playing with the medic class be sure to keep your teammates healthy and revive them when necessary for maximum points.

The defibrillator can also be used to kill enemies, so if you're ever in that situation(and trust me, you'll know when you're in that situation), shock your way out.

Recon Class

Lastly we have the Recon Class, which is basically a sniper class. Each Recon soldier comes equipped with a Ghillie Suit and a selection of long range rifles. Your gadgets include a motion mine, which displays all enemies on map within a twenty foot radius, and either C4 or a Mortar Strike. This class will come in handy when defending but will hurt a squad if you just sit in the woods on the edge of a map doing your own thing. Be sure to keep motion mines out around your squad and stay close to an assault teammate to refill them when necessary. ALWAYS SPOT WITH A RECON SOLDIER. You're rarely going to get one shot kills when just beginning to play BF so be sure to spot.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vehicle Tips and Tricks

Battlefield offers a variety of vehicles and vehicle perks that can each be used for different purposes. A few of the vehicles can become a huge advantage an any battle when used with the right perk.


A tank is probably the most important vehicle in the multiplayer. Light tanks shoot 40 mm grenades while Heavy tanks shoot huge shells. Be sure to stay on the move when in a tank, snipers are always looking to sneak up behind you and ruin your fun with C4 or drop a mortar strike on you from above.

Also, if you are in the tank by yourself and you shoot your main gun but miss a very close enemy, instead of waiting for it to reload quickly switch to the main heavy machine gun up top and finish the job.

Avoiding C4: If you listen carefully enough you can actually hear the C4 beeping as it attaches to your tank. If you think you hear this, immediately jump out and get away from the tank as fast as possible. Even if you're not inside of it, the explosion will sometimes kill you. If it's a false alarm just get back in and continue your destruction.

Avoiding Mortar Strikes: The first thing you want to do when you start getting struck by a mortar strike is floor it, either forward or backwards, as fast as you can and get out of the vicinity. If this doesn't work, you can avoid death by being patient and not jumping out of your tank until the health reaches zero. If you jump out too soon you will be killed by the mortar strike and if you jump out too won't be jumping out at all.

Best Vehicle Perks: Reload Speed or Vehicle Motion Sensor


The UAV is controlled electronically from a small computer located somewhere around the map. It is not very durable, but it can be used to mark targets for predator missiles and if using the alternate weapon perk, it has a machine gun attached to it.

Best Vehicle Perk: Vehicle Optics - While the secondary machine gun is fun to use, you have to be very close to the battlefield to use it and you will be quickly taken down, sometimes without killing anyone. But with vehicle optics attached, you can zoom in enough to sit back out of harms way and drop predator bombs. Remember to spot people while you're in the UAV, your are in fact in a UAV, and with vehicle optics attached you can easily spot multiple enemies.

Transport Chopper

These choppers take time and practice to get used to flying, but can be used for various reasons throughout your Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Campaign. The number one reason would be to clear out objectives for your team to move in. As a pilot, any kills someone gets while riding in your chopper will also award you with 50 points.

You can also drop teammates off by flags and other objectives for a quick assault and the Gatling guns on the side of the chopper are devastating. They can quickly shred a house to the ground, killing it's occupants.

Best Vehicle Perk: Vehicle Armor


Magnum Ammo: Once unlocked, magnum ammo should probably be used with every class. I have tried out body armor and magnum ammo and I just think that magnum ammo is much more effective.

ACOG Scope: The ACOG(4x) scope is also very important. No matter what game you're playing, you will constantly be making long range shots and the ACOG makes a whole world of difference. Use it, love it, and get used to it.

EX Upgrade - If using a soldier weapon that you can't put a scope on, the EX upgrade will double the amount of C4 that you can carry. This is a good perk to use if using a soldier weapon.


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      6 years ago

      great advise now I gotta see if it works

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great guide, check out some new stuff for Battlefield 3 here:

    • epearson profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      Very comprehensive guide. I wish I had this around when I first started playing.


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