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Beating the Inside3 Labyrinth Puzzle Cube

Updated on October 30, 2015

Logic games are a great way to have fun while stimulating your mind. They give your brain the workout that it needs to stay active while stirring your imagination at the same time. A lot of logic games have become popular, with one game being more challenging than the one before it. If you think you can take on the most challenging logic games ever created, then it’s about time you tried out the Inside Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes and find out just how far your mind can go.

Inside3 Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes

The Inside3 Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes takes 3D puzzles into a whole new light as it takes you through level after level of challenging gameplay. If the Rubik’s cube has driven you crazy before, then this will definitely blow your mind in so many different ways. Inside each puzzle cube are seven different labyrinths that you would have to go through, one on top of the other. Sounds easy enough? Wait until you hear the catch: you would have to go through all seven levels without seeing where you’re going. Since these levels are inside a solid cube, you would have to rely on all your other senses as you guide a silver sphere through each corner and work towards finding a way out. To make things even more interesting, you have five different levels of difficulty to go through to completely claim that you have conquered the game. Go through the Regular, Mean, Awful, Vicious and Mortal cubes to truly prove how smart you are. Start with the easier cubes that have maps for you to follow. These also allow you to take the cube apart to retrieve the silver ball when you get stuck. The harder levels are a different story altogether. They let you grasp blindly through maze after maze with only your gut feel to guide you.

Not Just a Game

If you think that puzzle games are invented just for fun, think again. Puzzles are not only meant to keep you occupied when you don’t have anything better to do. After all, they are not called as forms of brain exercise for nothing.

  • Creativity and Imagination. Logic games and puzzles help your brain expand, boosting your imagination and creativity. Especially with the Inside3 Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes, the fact that you would have to grope around in the dark to complete the puzzle would highly test your imaginative skills.
  • Problem Solving. Solving problems is the most basic goal of any puzzle game. The same thing goes for the Inside3 Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes. It allows you to exhaust all efforts to find your way around and release the silver ball from within the series of mazes inside the cube.

  • Hand Coordination. All the tilting and twisting will greatly improve your hand coordination as you lead the ball towards the end of the maze. Especially in areas where you have to leave the ball suspended between corners, it takes a lot of skill to maneuver the ball around towards freedom.
  • Logical Planning. Puzzle games greatly enhance a person’s logical planning skills. It helps you strategize and find better and easier ways to complete the puzzle as you try it over and over again. This is one reason why people get better and better as they complete puzzle after puzzle. It allows you to think about what you did wrong the last time and lets you plan your next move by improving on your strategy.

  • Patience. If there is something that could stretch your patience to its limits, it has got to be challenging puzzles like the Inside3 Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes. It helps you put your emotional quotient in check, and allows you to practice stretching your patience to lengths that you never imagined you could reach. Although some may give up out of frustration, the fulfillment of actually completing the puzzle makes other people go at it no matter how frustrating the process becomes.
  • Concentration. Focus is another thing that puzzles help you practice. Because the smallest distraction can easily throw you off your game, it helps you learn how to shun everything out and concentrate on completing the task at hand.
  • Productivity. Of course, this is possibly one of the best things that comes with playing logic games. It allows you to do something more productive with your free time and has more benefits for you in comparison with simply watching TV or hanging out somewhere. It is a more productive way of letting boredom pass and is definitely one of the best ways to use your spare time wisely.

Are you up for the challenge? Try the Inside3 Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes and see just how far your brain can go. Complete one puzzle after another and feel the accomplishment that only a few could experience.

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