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Become A Video Game Tester - Do You Want To Earn Bundles Of Cash For Doing Something You Love?

Updated on September 28, 2009

 Do you want to become a video game tester? Firstly, you must realise  that a video game tester job is much the same as any other job. The hours may be long and the work can become very boring and mundane! Although the majority of people within the industry admit being a video game tester is a dream job, it's not for everyone!

If you wish to become a video game tester, just be aware that it may not be as glamorous as it sounds. Can you imagine having to play the same level on a game over and over again while trying to spot any bugs or errors? So even though once you become a video game tester, you will be playing games all day, don't expect it to always be fun!

However, having said that the majority of people who have become a video game tester absolutely love their jobs! One of the best roles of the job must be playing and testing games, months and even years before they are released to the general public. Often, these games are then given to you free or at a huge discount. No matter how much hard work is involved, game design companies are always crying out for new video game testers.

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As a point of inspiration for you, many of the senior and top people in the gaming industry started out as video game testers. The most notable is Tommy Torino, who composed the soundtrack to "Halo". He started of as a junior video game tester and then worked his way through the industry to his eventual dream of becoming a composer.

So are there any specific qualifications to become a video game tester?

Obviously if you are looking to take up a senior position, you will usually require a master's degree and some years of experience in the gaming industry. However, to become a video game tester there are no qualifications required. Game design companies will be more likely to employ you if you can display a well-rounded knowledge of video games, consoles and operating systems. But there is no formal entry level to become a video game tester!

So once you become a video game tester how much can you expect to get paid?

Video game tester jobs pay on average anywhere from $10-$100 an hour. This will depend on the actual criteria for testing that your employer wants you to do and also what level of experience you have as a video game tester. Although, even as a completely new person to video game testing, you can expect to earn from $10-$20 an hour!

Become A Video Game Tester


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      alfonzo 5 years ago

      i like to thank you for the informastion because i like playing games a lot i love playing games thank u ^.^