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Beer Pong Rules - How To Play

Updated on December 27, 2023


Please drink responsibly and obey all of your local laws. The author of this article, nor the owners of the website (Hubpages) are responsible for anything you do after reading this article.

Beer Pong Girls
Beer Pong Girls | Source
Beer Pong Set Up Diagram
Beer Pong Set Up Diagram | Source

The House Rules Rule

This game is mostly played by college students and the rules therefore differ from one college to another (differences are known as "House Rules"). Rules of beer pong are very simple and easy to follow. If you have never played the game, you will need to learn the game first and know about its rules and regulations so as to familiarize yourself with it and in turn dominate the competition.

The Basics - What You Need

You need to collect a few items before you begin the game. Most importantly you need to gather ping pong balls which mean getting some cups (I use red Solo cups), beer, and you must have a table (ping pong tables work best, but any table will do if a ping pong ball can bounce on it). Since this game cannot be played as a single player you need to collect a couple of your friends.

The Setup

Arrange the cups on both sides of the table into a triangle. Ensure that you pour beer into the cups. Attempt to hit your opponents cup with the ball. If a ball makes it into the cup, then it is removed from the table and the beer is drank by the owner (the ones standing behind it, not the ones who threw the ball). The team that will sink all the opponents cups will emerge the winner.

The cup rims must be touching and a group may opt to have extra cups with water. It is important that you know the rules of the game so that you play the game excellently. You will need to have two teams. Find out who will start the game through consensus. Usually we do rock paper scissors, or an "Eye To Eye" shoot where you throw the ball while looking into the opposing teams eyes, so that you can't see where you're aiming.

It's What You Know

You will have to be as accurate as possible when throwing the ball at the cup. Each team should have an equal number of players (usually 2 players per team). Each game has its rules and regulations. Having knowledge of the dos and don'ts of the pastime will enable you enjoy playing the game.

Starting The Game

The team members choose a player who will start shooting the ball. If the member of a team misses to hit the cup, a member from the opponents group will shoot. If a team member hits, the other team member who missed will be required to drink the contents. If both the team members miss they will be given another chance to shoot.

Once the container that contains alcohol has been hit, the opposing team member is expected to drink the contents. The team you are playing with can block the ball from hitting the mug only if the ball is bounced first. This has been praised as a good way of keeping the players alert. If the ball bounces back to the throwers end of the table, the thrower can catch it. The catch must be one handed. The thrower will then be allowed to throw the ball over their shoulder (facing away from the table) for an extra shot.

Satellite Rules

In case the ball falls in a cup that is still full (but has been removed from the game), there are no chances of winning the game. It will immediately come to an end. If a player was required to drink from a container but did not they instead held it on their hand (or left it on the table) and the ball falls in. This is called a satellite cup. The rules differ depending on the house. Always be sure to check with house rules before you play.

Don't Lose!

It could be very devastating to loose in this sport. Ensure you know the basic rules of beer pong. They are very easy and informal. This entertainment is becoming very common and is spreading widely. Enjoy playing with your friends. Drink responsibly.

How To Play Beer Pong

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