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Before you play Call of Duty Mobile - 14 tips that can help you become professional

Updated on October 25, 2019

Call of Duty, as usual, has proved that with its new version it is not just a commercial game but a waiting game that has not disappointed its fans this time as well, with a system of wonderful multiplayer players and a mixture of characters and maps from earlier versions.

It even has the anticipated Battle Royal phase, ending with the zombies who will be there for future updates, all for free.

But... To enjoy such a masterpiece as much as possible, through our experience of the game and some other sources we have written these tips to make you a true professional in this game.

Play against a real opponent or BOT programmer?

The game doesn't tell you this point, but the truth is that in the first seven stages you will play against enemies programmed or controlled by artificial intelligence.

How do we know? Well, because they don't think, they're standing in places where no sane person will stand, and also because Killcams or the scene of their killing doesn't show any additional weapons in their possession.

In the 8th to 10th stages, you will play against the two genres, a real opponent and a programmer but the reality is more widespread, once you reach the tenth stage all your opponents become real only.

Don't forget to reap your rewards.

You may not have noticed that little button on the left side of the main menu, but it's a button to win your prizes by taking you for rounds in the game.

Like multiple munitions, deadly chains and even knockouts, don't miss all of these after you've achieved an achievement, always press the button and see your prizes.

Bending while jogging

You may not have thought that this tactic exists in the game but it does, all you have to do is press the bending button while you run and slip a slight slide, and since you can shoot during this slide it means that in addition to being useful for cover and protection will enable you to direct a fatal shot towards your opponent.

You can change the location of any of the controls

Mobile controls, in general, have evolved significantly, and this game still offers more on this.

You can choose the position of the buttons wherever you want by pressing a button at the top of the main menu or top left if the battle is on, or in the pause menu, and then choose custom Layout.

You can now move any icon to the place you like quickly and smoothly.

Use high-tech headphones

This advice applies to all multiplayer games in general and this game in particular, you don't know what to miss without the headphones!.

In addition to being able to hear the impact of the other player's steps and general movements, it also provides an amazing experience filled with tension, excitement, a lot of adrenaline, enthusiasm, and challenge!

This advice becomes necessary when it comes to the Battle Royal, as hearing someone sneak behind you can be the defining point between your win or your loss.

Use advanced shooting mode

Although the normal shooting mode in the game will automatically shoot your opponent or you can press a button that appears instead, we still recommend you choose the advanced mode even though it is fully manual but here's what we recommend.

First you have a button that merges the shot and the zoom together, and also by pressing the zoom button with your right hand to look down to see the location and at the same time shoot with your left hand, it seems difficult to use the left hand for this purpose but you will get used to it with practice.

Be sure to train before facing real players

First of all, ai are opponents controlled by the ai of the game or bot programmers, in general, it is necessary to train against them to shoot, move correctly, or even aim down as quickly as possible.

Because all of these are new challenges in the game that will hinder you when you play against a real opponent if you haven't already trained with AI, you just have to go to the main list of multiplayer players, choose the matchmaking option on the right, and then finally choose vs. A.I. Opponents.

Use of underwater weapons

One of the most useful features that have been available since Black Ops 4 is to hide underwater and aim at your opponent.

Once you're on board something on the water, try pushing down and you'll go underwater but your weapons will stay on, which means that the best part of fighting someone underwater is to dive deeper and take advantage of it.

Get down through the bending button.

Another simple and well-known piece of advice for everyone, but in the long run, will prove important to you, which is to get down on the ground.

To do this, you have to press the Crouch button or bend for just a few seconds, this will help you avoid shooting and return while in a safe area, you can also use it to cross the combat zone without being a bigger target.

Continuous automatic jogging

You can make your character run constantly on its own while fighting without you controlling it so that you can take the full time to shoot the opponent on the move.

Just press your left thumb up toward the orange mark, which will also benefit you for quick slip practice.

Explore your surroundings

Whenever you have the opportunity, explore the surrounding environment as much as you can, make sure your survey is more comprehensive than your opponent's.

This will help you get out of a raid or avoid a wall that your opponent didn't know existed, or even suddenly out of a window, controlling maps is a good feature but it won't let you detect the area.

Use the technique of determining the direction or the so-called Gyro

One of the best ways to play this mobile game is to activate gyro controls and increase sensitivity or sensor to 120.

This way, you'll respond to sound effects and aim at real space and time, not just relying on the movement of your thumb and hand. It's a unique way to experience the game.

Don't forget to win trophies at events

Just to be clear, these prizes are not the same as the prizes you get by skipping the stages of the game that we mentioned earlier.

Activision and Tencent will host many events for weeks and months where you receive prizes, as well as the prizes you receive when you sign in and other equipment you can only get by playing with the rest of the world.

Keep an eye on the icon for these awards, although it's few now, it'll increase in the coming weeks.

The importance of getting to know the game maps well

All the tips in this article are one thing, and your knowledge of the game maps well is another thing, since fortunately, this game collects maps from almost all the previous parts, all of which were maps well established in the memory of the players for good reason. Box locations, players' camps and many more.

Nothing in the game will do you more than knowing every corner of it, where you might hang and where your enemy might attack you.

In conclusion, we hope that these tips have achieved the desired goal of making your experience with the game more enjoyable and successful.

Always wait for other articles and leave us your opinions with these tips in the comments!

© 2019 Jaber Khater


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