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Beginner's Guide to Dayz

Updated on July 1, 2014

Note: The DayZ game referred in this Hub is DayZ Stand Alone version.


You can find the most detailed map on :

(Note: There is also a map in the game. I advise you not to use the online map until you find one in the game for a realistic experience.)


Waking up on Chernarus

You wake up in Chernarus, with nothing but your clothes and a flashlight (which is not so useful in this world). You are hungry and thirsty and this is the first issue you need to take care of.

If you woke up near the coast line keep up to the road near the coastline and look for some houses where you can find something to eat. (Beware of big cities at this point where you will be most likely killed by zombies, would be humiliated and killed by players, only if you are very lucky would be helped by other players)

Be careful with eating up everything you find around. Rotten fruits will get you sick and you will experience a agonizing death so keep away from rotten fruits. You will find canned food around which will be your main source of food. You need to find a can opener, or a sharp tool (blade, axe etc..) to open the cans. You also need to find water, you can enjoy soda drinks you find around or look for wells or ponds around the towns. If you may find a water bottle or a canteen you can fill them up to use later.

When you go to your inventory you will be able to see the current state of your character. (Hungry, thirsty, bleeding and etc..) You should at all times try to keep yourself energized (by eating enough food) and hydrated (drinking).

Friendly or Villain?

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Taking Care of the Zombies

Zombies are a problem when you don't have any weapons but lucky for you they are not very smart. Try to avoid zombies if you are out of weapons, if they have found you try to knock them up by punching them in the head and run away.

Best melee weapon against a zombie is an axe which kills the zombie with one shot to the head. If you couldn't find an axe yet, try using any sharp object like sickle, machete, blade and etc. when needed. Several blows to the head should do the trick.

When a zombie is approaching you try to step away from in front of them. You will be surprised how far their hands can reach out. Circulate around them and try to hit them in the head.

Sometimes you will be hit and start bleeding. You will need rags or bandages to treat your wounds. You can craft rags from shirts or bandanas (It would be a wise move to take out your shirt in the beginning and tear into rags just in case.) or you can find bandages around the town or inside med-kits.

Lots of space
Lots of space
Mosin, a beginners best friend
Mosin, a beginners best friend

Gearing Up

Increasing the size of your inventory is very important so that you can carry enough supplies at all times. You should try to find a taloon backpack which is offering 25 slots and available in most of towns and cities. If you can't find one yet you can use a child briefcase until you find one which gives you 12 slots. You may also craft your own bag using burlap sacks and ropes but as a beginner wandering around until you find a bag is much less trouble. There are also mountain backpacks which offer 35 slots but they are usually found in military compounds or airstrips which are very dangerous without any weapons.

Finding effective short range (for zombies) and long range weapons is essential for survival in DayZ. The best melee weapon you should quickly get your hands on is a splitting axe and if you may find fire axe, you can find this melee weapons in most of the towns, mostly in barns, industrial buildings or fire stations.

Finding firearms is a little bit more tricky. You usually need to check for police stations. If you dare you can visit the airstrips (but beware there are usually bandits waiting for action). If you can try to get your hands on a long range weapon like SKS or Mosin which can be found around most towns. Those weapons are great for starters with multi bullet slots and upgrade available. A shotgun or a double rifle would also serve you well in times of combat if you have no other options.

Encounters with Other Players

The real gem of the DayZ is encounters with other players. The map is so big and sometimes you get to feel you are alone in this world but other people are wandering around and the harsh survival environment is making people ruthless.

If you have just spawned and you are without firearms most people will not see you as a treat. Try to talk to people and approach them by stating you are friendly(press Caps Lock to use in game voice chat). There is a great chance that you will be sadistically killed so still try to avoid contact if you have any suspect the other guy may not be friendly.

If you have any weapons on you be very careful. If you are in a military zone 99% one of you will be killed. If you are in a city try to avoid contact until you are seen. If you are certain that the other guy saw you try to tell them you are friendly however never stay in their shooting zone without confirming they are friendly too.

The golden rule of DayZ is never trust a stranger. You will learn this one way or another but as a beginner you should always be cautious.


DayZ is a open multiplayer world and there are hillarious moments of interaction between the players. Be sure to check below videos in case you missed them.

High Five

Kidnapped and Tortured

Red Wedding


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