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Beguile 8th edition warhammer fantasy battle vampire counts vampiric power

Updated on January 29, 2012


Beguile is a vampiric power that makes a comeback in 8th edition warhammer fantasy battle from 7th edition. It has however undergone several changes. It is now cheaper in points cost, the leadership test for one model selected after challenges have been issued with a penalty of -3 is still the same. It now however forces the victim to re roll to hit rolls rather then to wound rolls. It is however cheaper now points wise in 8th edition then in 7th edition.

Both of the special characters Vlad von Carstein and his wife Isabella von Carstein have this special rule. It is further enhanced for Vlad von Carstein with an additional -1 penalty to the leadership test (for a total of -4) due to his aura of dark majesty vampiric power.

Pros and cons of beguile

Pros are that forcing a potentially powerful character or monster to re roll hits against your vampire can lower the number of hits that they take. This in turn should limit the amount of damage your vampire will take. this also combines well with other things that make your vampire hero or vampire lord (strigoi ghoul kings lose out here) harder to hit such as the zombie dragon and coven throne mounts and the magic armour glittering scales from the main warhammer rulebook. The paired magic weapon fencer's blades make the wielder weapon skill 10 and potentially harder to hit. A failed fear test also makes the vampire with this vampiric power much harder to hit.

Cons are that it can only target one model, whilst useful in challenges and against monsters and other powerful solitary creatures it is a little use against massed units as it only affects one model allowing the rest of the unit to attack you with no penalty. It is also now a leadership test and although it has a large modifier increasing the chance your opponent will fail the new 8th edition rules allow a re roll of this if the army battle standard is nearby.


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