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10 Best Champions To Carry Bronze Elo - League Of Legends

Updated on October 12, 2016
Drei Law profile image

Drei Law is a gamer who loves to play and write about anything related to gaming. He especially adores playing "League of Legends."

About me

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I am what they call me in League Of Legends, Fl1pz and I am currently in Platinum V. I have been playing League Of Legends since season 4 and love giving advice to fellow Summoners. I really enjoy playing Yasuo, Riven and Twitch and League in general. Additionally, you might also be interested in my "Carry Bronze Elo" and "Carry Low Elo" guides. Hope you have a fantastic day Summoner!

1. Akali - The Fist Of Shadow

Roles: Mid & Top

My thoughts: Akali is probably one of the most easiest and most powerful champions to carry in low elo in my opinion. She has high bursts of damage, superb mobility because of her kit, lane sustain without items, and does not need many items to show her dominance on the rift. Akali can be learnt with only very few games and can be built in many ways to fill in what her team needs. She is ridiculously very strong.


  • Twin Disciples (Passive) gives Akali ok sustain during laning phase
  • No mana champion
  • Mark Of The Assassin (Q) + Basic Attack gives off a massive amount of magic damage
  • You are able to Shadow Dance (R) over walls if it reaches a target
  • Good engage with Shadow Dance (R)
  • Great mobility with Shadow Dance (R)
  • Good escape with Shadow Dance (R)
  • Good escape with Twilight Shroud (W)
  • Twilight Shroud (W) makes you invisible in a certain area, thus being able to escape certain situations
  • Twilight Shroud (W) can be used to see hidden areas for a short time
  • Crescent Slash (E) is a strong AOE damage ability

Akali Guide By: Remmus

2. Fizz - The Tidal Trickster

Roles: Mid & Top

My thoughts: Fizz can be such an annoying fella to play against, but is unimaginably fun to play. Fizz is fairly weak early on, but then after hitting level three is where fizz starts dealing tons of damage. His Urchin Strike (Q) and Playful / Trickster (E) makes it so easy to dodge enemy abilities and can also be used to go over walls, which makes Fizz pretty mobile. The only problem with Fizz would be landing his ultimate, which I have seen many people fail to do so. Fizz is a really fun champions to play and I recommend those who love to see people rage play him.


  • Nimble Fighter (Passive) makes you a little more tanky
  • Chum the Waters (R) is the only skill-shot
  • Chum the Waters (R) deals massive AOE damage
  • Chum the Waters (R) has a great slow
  • You can dodge projectiles with Urchin Strike (Q) if used correctly
  • You can go over walls with Urchin Strike (Q) if there is a target on the other side
  • Seastone Trident (W) + Urchin Strike (Q) deals huge amounts of damage to a single target
  • Seastone Trident (W) enables you to do lots of damage to tanks
  • Able to go over walls with Playful / Trickster (E)
  • Able to dodge projectiles with Playful / Trickster (E)
  • Invulnerable while in Playful / Trickster (E)

Fizz Guide By: E-Gaming TV

3. Katarina - The Sinister Blade

Role: Mid

My thoughts: To be a really great Katarina player, you must have good decision making skills. You must know when to go into a teamfight and when to back off. You have to know how strong you are and how weak you are. Mechanically wise, she is in my opinion easy to play, but hard to master. But do not worry, you do not need to master Katarina to carry in Bronze elo. All you need to learn to do are simple combos which can be found anywhere on the net and the ability to make great decisions.


  • Incredibly hard to kill when fed
  • Easy to play
  • Combos are simple
  • No skill-shots
  • Huge power spike when reaching lvl 3 & 6
  • Deals huge amounts of unexpected damage
  • Voracity (Passive) gives you the ability to spam your abilities a lot during team fights
  • Death Lotus (R) deals massive amounts of damage to three nearby enemies at once
  • Bouncing Blades (Q) + Death Lotus (R) deals huge amounts of damage
  • Good engage with Shunpo (E)
  • Good escape with Shunpo (E)
  • Able to go over walls with Shunpo (E)
  • Can dodge projectiles with Shunpo (E)

Katarina Guide By: E-Gaming TV

4. Master Yi - The Wuju Bladesman

Roles: Jungle & Top

My thoughts: Master Yi is similar to Katarina in a sense because of how you need to make good decisions to actually carry. Master Yi is the most easiest champion mechanically wise and you do not need many games to fully learn the champion. If anything, you can try learning how to time his Alpha Strike (Q) to dodge enemy attacks, but that's the limit on how strong master yi can really be. Other than that, all you need to do is basic attack the enemy and it is over.


  • Late game monster
  • No skill-shots
  • Great engage with Alpha Strike (Q)
  • Able to escape with Alpha Strike (Q)
  • Able to go over walls with Alpha Strike (Q)
  • Able to dodge projectiles with Alpha Strike (Q)
  • Meditate (W) keeps you alive during team fights
  • Able to deal true damage with Wuju Style (E)
  • Amazing engage with Highlander (R)
  • Amazing escape with Highlander (R)
  • Nobody can escape you during Highlander (R)
  • You gain lots of AS and MS during Highlander (R)

Master Yi Guide By: E-Gaming TV

5. Pantheon - The Artisan Of War

Roles: Jungle, Top & Mid

My thoughts: One of the strongest early game champion in League Of Legends. His lvl one Spear Shot (Q) already deals massive amounts of damage early on in the game, which can hinder enemy sustain. The main and biggest problem with Pantheon is if the game gets to late game, the enemy will have probably by then out-scale you, leading you to be weaker than them. I suggest you try ending your games playing Pantheon as early as you can to avoid the enemies from out-scaling you.


  • Really strong early game
  • Huge lvl 3 power spike
  • Combos are simple
  • No skill-shots
  • Aegis Of Zeonia is a point and click stun
  • Able to go over walls with Aegis Of Zeonia (W)
  • Aegis Of Zeonia (W) recharges Aegis Protection (Passive) immediately
  • Aegis Protection (Passive) gives the ability to block basic attacks and turret shots
  • Map pressure when Grand Skyfall (R) is available
  • Easy ganks with Grand Skyfall (R)
  • 100% crit chance when enemies are below 15% hp if Heartseeker Strike (E) is leveled
  • Good AOE damage with Heartseeker Strike (E)
  • Able to spam Spear Shot (Q) many times

Pantheon Guide By: Lone Coyote

6. Tryndamere - The Barbarian King

Roles: Top & Jungle

My thoughts: Fairly weak early game and is very item dependent Once against a poking champion during laning phase like Pantheon, Lissandra, or Annie, It makes it really difficult to farm cs. Tryndamere may be pretty weak early, however once he gets his items, he transforms into a total nightmare. Even when building full damage, his Undying Rage (R) keeps him alive for a really long time in teamfights and you can use Spinning Slash (E) to disengage very easily. When playing Tryndamere, focus on farming for awhile and once you get an item or two is when you should start trading. Or if you are versing someone vulnerable take the underhand and go all in that fool.


  • Has one of the strongest late game, if not the strongest
  • No skill-shots
  • Very simple to play and no combos are needed
  • Bloodlust (Q) gives lots of hp depending on the amount of Fury
  • Bloodlust (Q) gives good sustain during laning phase
  • Bloodlust (Q) passively gives more attack damage the less hp you have
  • Built in critical chance with Battle Fury (Passive)
  • Mocking Shout (W) decreases enemies attack damage by a lot
  • Able to go over walls with Spinning Slash (E)
  • Good engage with Spinning Slash (E)
  • Good escape with Spinning Slash (E)
  • Invulnerable for a few seconds with Undying Rage (R)
  • Great potential to win against multiple enemies alone with Undying Rage (R)
  • Able to slow multiple running targets with Mocking Shout (W)

Tryndamere Guide By: Kay2

7. Irelia - The Will Of The Blades

Role: Top

My thoughts: Irelia is really strong with only few items and can deal TRUE DAMAGE with Hiten Style (W). Once Irelia gets ahead, the only way to stop her is to be able to CC chain her or by some miracle be able to do more damage than her. However, Bronze players are not that mechanically skilled so what are the odds of being CC chained? Irelia is deals massive amounts of damage and is tanky at the same time! Irelia is just so good in the low elo.


  • Transcendent Blades (R) is the only skill-shot
  • Very strong with only few items
  • Ionian Fervor (Passive) reduces the duration of disables on herself depending on how outnumbered she is
  • Cooldown and a portion of the mana used resets on Blade Surge (Q) if target is killed
  • Very easy to farm with Blade Surge (Q)
  • Good engage with Blade Surge (Q)
  • Blade Surge (Q) can be used to escape
  • Able to go over walls with Blade Surge (Q)
  • Hiten Style (W) deals true damage to enemies hit when activated
  • Hiten Style (W) passively gives physical attacks health restoration
  • When Hiten Style (W) is activated it doubles the health restoration
  • Equilibrium Strike (E) slows target
  • Equilibrium Strike (E) stuns if the target has more hp
  • Good ranged ability with Transcendent Blades (R)

Irelia Guide By: E-Gaming TV

8. Wukong - The Monkey King

Roles: Top & Jungle

My thoughts: Wukong in my opinion is more of a teamplayer kind of champion. The reason why I think this is because of his AOE Ultimate which knocks enemies into the air and it lasts for awhile too. While it may not do a lot of damage, it is a really great CC and can give your teammates time to position themselves and attack. It can also setup for some massive combos if you were to have a Yasuo, Malphite, Zyra, or anyone with an ultimate that can follow up on your ult.


  • Stone Skin (Passive) gives armor/magic resist for each nearby champion
  • Able to poke with Crushing Blow (Q)
  • Reduces armor for a short duration with Crushing Blow (Q)
  • Decoy (W) gives the ability to become invisible for a short amount of time and also leaves a decoy behind, dealing small magic damage when destroyed
  • Great escape with Decoy (W)
  • Great engage with Decoy (W)
  • Good juking potential with Decoy (W)
  • Great ganks with Decoy (W) + Nimbus Strike (E)
  • Good engage with Nimbus Strike (E)
  • Able to go over walls with Nimbus Strike (E)
  • Can escape with Nimbus Strike (E)
  • Cyclone (R) gives amazing AOE damage and CC to all enemies hit
  • Cyclone (R) is an amazing team fight ability

Wukong Guide By: Ghost To Lane

9. Leblanc - The Deceiver

Role: Mid

My thoughts: Leblanc is the hardest champions in this whole list to play, but do not be afraid. Although you may need a couple of games to work her through, it is worth it because of how hard you are able to carry with her. Leblanc is able to dodge abilites, CC chain, insta-kill enemies, roam very well and basically do everything once learnt. She is not too hard to play and her Ethereal Chains (E) & Mimic (R) may need some time to get used to. But after you do get used her fully, you will be able to easily carry yourself out of the Bronze elo.


  • Huge level 2 power spike
  • Most combos are easy to understand
  • When triggering Sigil Of Malice (Q) with another ability it deals huge amounts of damage
  • Great engage with Distortion (W)
  • Great escape with Distortion (W)
  • Able to go over walls with Distortion (W)
  • Huge juking potential with Distortion (W)
  • Ethereal Chains (E) has a slow
  • Ethereal Chains (E) has a root
  • Mimic (R) gives great outplaying potential
  • Mimic (R) might be hard to use at first, but easy to use later on

Leblanc Guide By: E-Gaming TV

10. Fiddlesticks - The Harbinger Of Doom

Roles: Jungle & Mid

My thoughts: Fiddlesticks is such an annoying champion. Might even be more annoying than Fizz. Fiddlesticks has one of the best sustain abilities in the game called Drain (W), which literally drains the life force of one to heal himself. He has a very annoying silence ability which can bounce of enemies multiple times, making the enemies unable to use abilities for awhile. But do not forget about his ultimate which deals massive AOE damage and can teleport him a short distance. Meaning, if you ult from inside a bush, the enemy will have no idea where you came from and will most likely die from your ultimate.


  • Terrify (Q) gives great CC
  • Great sustain in jungle with Drain (W)
  • Great sustain in teamfights with Drain (W)
  • Great sustain during laning phase with Drain (W)
  • Dark Wind (E) is able to silence multiple enemies
  • Dark Wind (E) deals great amounts of damage depending on many times it bounces between enemies
  • Can damage enemies from far away with Dark Wind (E) because of the bounce component
  • Crowstorm (R) deals huge amounts of AOE damage
  • Crowstorm (R) makes ganking very easy and successful
  • Crowstorm (R) can be used as an escape
  • Crowstorm (R) is a really great engage

Fiddlesticks Guide By: Pants Are Dragon


So I guess this is the end fellas! This is my special top ten champions to carry easily in the Bronze elo. Of course if you are new to the champion you will not be able to play at its full potential, however most of these champions are easily learnt within a few games. Do not be scared if you are not able to play any of the champions here. The champions I listed here is MY OPINION on the best champions for bronze. Everyone's opinions are different so just play every single champ until you find which champions suits you the best! Thank you for reading my list and I hope you have a fantastic day ;)


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