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Best 4 Small Quad Copters under $50 for 2018

Updated on December 6, 2017

Why Choose a Small (Micro) Quad?

Quadcopter flight is known for producing stable and easy-to-use results and is quickly becoming popular among model aircraft enthusiasts. Mini quadcopters take this sport to the next level, as they are leaner, faster, and often less expensive remote controlled aircraft to master. These quadcopters are versatile enough to fly in your office or in your backyard on a calm day. They are easy to take virtually anywhere.

Because of their low price point and exhilarating action, mini quadcopters are also ideal for beginning users who are looking to dip their toes into the remote controlled aircraft pool. With adjustable interfaces that cater to both the beginner and expert user, the best mini quadcopters promise powerful stunt capability without sacrificing overall stability and durability.

One would expect these miniature aircraft to be fragile because of their size, but, in fact, mini quadcopters are some of the most resilient and reliable remote controlled vehicles. If you are looking to try your hand at quadcopter piloting without much expertise, a mini quadcopter may be the right solution.

Read on for my review of the four best micro quad copters for the money, all from reputable manufacturers.

My #1 Pick: Estes 4606 Proto X Nano RC Quadcopter

If you’re looking for an effective, responsive, and fun mini copter to add to your arsenal of remote controlled aircraft, the Estes 4606 Proto X is one of the best... and my #1 pick.

Although pegged as a toy by some, the Proto X is far from a child’s plaything. With responsive controls, including a “trim” lever that can adjust flight sensitivity, the Proto X is far more durable, speedy, and acrobatic than it should be at its price point.

The four channel radio transmitter has an impressive range, although you will mostly want to fly the Proto X indoors. Flight time for this aerodynamic quadcopter is around six minutes, but the built-in battery quickly recharges in under an hour.

Although the Proto X will delight children mature enough to handle the responsibility of its piloting, it can also serve as a fun diversion for more experienced hobbyists looking to try out some new acrobatic maneuvers without risking damage to a more expensive model. The Proto X delivers all the perks that an excellent mini quadcopter should: responsive controls, high velocity, and a low learning curve to operate.

Watch This Fun Flyer in Action!

Solid Brand and Quality make this my #2 pick!

My 2nd Pick is a Bit Bigger: The Hubsan X4 Micro Quadcopter

The Hubsan X4 is easily one of the smallest micro quadcopters on the market and, yet, it is one of the most powerful and awe-inspiring.

Spanning just over five inches from propeller to propeller, the Hubsan X4 looks like it should barely be able to reach the rooftop of a single story house. Instead, this determined aircraft can quickly soar three or four stories into the air, performing advanced stunt maneuvers along the way.

The six axis control system ensures that the X4 can flip in any direction, making the range of flight impressively versatile. However, with a balanced and lightweight frame and controlled flight system, a novice pilot can still step behind the controls successfully.The X4 also comes in a slightly more expensive model that contains a built-in camera.

Recording directly to a Micro SD chip, the X4’s video recorder produces crystal clear footage that can be uploaded and shared online in a matter of minutes. Although the camera itself is the size of a penny, it produces impressive HD footage that does not lose focus or hue, despite recording from a fast flying aircraft.

More traditional stunt pilots will surely be satisfied with the basic X4’s capability, but those looking to capture a more first person perspective of their aerial adventures will want to invest in the camera version.

Even though it is diminutive in stature, the X4 is also a durable craft, easily piercing moderate winds without as much as a shudder. The control panel’s “expert mode” will delight more seasoned users and, even though it rivals some of its more advanced relatives in flight capability, the X4 still ranks among the cheapest mini quadcopters available.


My 3rd Favorite is Another Super Micro from Estes...The Syncro X Nano

If you thought the Hubsan X4 was small, you will hardly believe the stature and performance of the Syncro X Nano. A cousin to the Nano mentioned above, this one is still about the size of a quarter. Measuring 1.8 inches across, the X Nano definitely puts the “mini” in the term “mini quadcopter.”

It certainly isn’t meant for exploring the vast unknown, but the X Nano can provide hours of fun on a much smaller scale. With rapid response times and an impressive agility, the X Nano is capable of aping some of the more complicated acrobatic maneuvers of its much larger counterparts.

An LED light mounted on the front and back of the mini quadcopter makes the X Nano extremely easy to spot in low light conditions, as the aircraft zips through the air like a robotic firefly. Even though it is able to fit in the palm of your hand, the X Nano does not skimp on flight capability. The X Nano still functions like a fully-fledged quadcopter in terms of speed and maneuverability. Of course, with a small size also comes a small price tag and the X Nano is one of the most fully-featured cheap quadcopters we recommend. Pick it up on Amazon for under $40.

Last, but not Least: My #4 Pick is the Syma X1 Quad Copter

No list of the best mini quadcopters would be complete without including the impressive Syma X1. I became a fan of Syma products with their very popular Syma coaxial helicopters and have loved them ever since.

The X1 is perfectly tuned to serve both rookie and experienced pilots. An intuitive control system and balanced frame allows a beginning user to pilot the aircraft through the skies with little trouble from day one. Select buttons even activate some of the X1’s more advanced stunts, such as front flips and barrel rolls, so that you don’t even have to master its flight sensitivity before attempting these eye-popping maneuvers.

Of course, for more experienced users, the X1 also provides adjustable gyro controls so that a more advanced hobbyist can have full control over the mini quadcopter’s performance. At under $30, the X1 is one of the truly cheap quadcopters that provides maximum bang for its buck.

A long range radio system also allows the quadcopter to travel great distances and its durable construction ensures that the first or even tenth crash will not knock this hardy little quadcopter out of commission.

A Great Review of the Syma X1 Quad Copter


A Final Word

Whether you are a seasoned quad copter pilot or a newbie, I hope this info will help you make an informed decision before buying. Indoors or outdoor these minis are a get out and get flying!

Are you already a quadcopter pilot?

Hey pilots, what is your favorite quad brand?

See results

Are you a small quadcopter fan...let me hear about it.

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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 23 months ago

      I can see my hubby going for this. I may just have to get one for him.


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