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Best Alienware Gaming Laptops for Cheap Budget 2014

Updated on August 2, 2014

Alienware,no gamer needs special introduction about this term.This Alienware is by default the best Gaming laptop manufacturing and developing company in the present world.Each and every gamer has a life dream of playing their favorite game no matter which category it is on an Alienware Laptop.These laptops suit best for all type of games.Personally,i feel enjoyed paying my favorite FPS games on my Alienware Laptop.I have recently completed Battlefield 4 and now waiting for the release of Battlefield hardline.

Here i will discuss about the best Alienware gaming laptops that are available in the market for a cheaper Budget.This list includes some of the best Gaming laptops under a range of Budgets like $1000,$1500,$2000 etc.I have done a lot of research and finally adjusted this list with sme of those best gaming laptops released by Alienware under a cheaper budget.I hope you all will like this list.Have a look at them now.

Best Alienware Laptop under $1000

This is the range from where the Alienware laptop pricing starts.But,no worries.One can expect all the latest and best features in this range.There is only one Laptop from Alienware released in the range of $1000.This has a fantastic typical alienware out look which makes your Laptop more Gamish.It has a four star rating from the users in Amazon.Also,this is available in Amazon for a price of $899.

You can play all the latest games like Battlefield 4,GTA V (After it's release on PC),Watch dogs in this Laptop on Maxout settings.You can watch the video capsuled below to have a look a how a Alienware laptop runs Battlefield 4 on Maxout settings.

4 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Alienware Laptops

Alienware 17

Alienware 17 is recently released in the Market for a price of nearly $2000.This laptop is the best.It has all the features which every gamer needs in his laptop.To say,a gamer can experience his best while playing the games on this Laptop.This has many positive reviews from the users of Amazon.It has a 4.6 star rating out of 5 from the Amazon.There are some outstanding features for this laptop which are mentioned in the paragraph below.

It has a 17 inch screen & it runs on a Intel-i7 processor of speed 3.4 GHz which is now the best and cheaper processor available in the market for gaming.It comes with outstanding 16 GB RAM and 750 GB internal memory Hard disk drive.It has Windows 7 operating system running on a 64 bit version.And last but not the least,the graphic card.It has a 3GB Graphic card RAM size which makes you play all the latest and high-graphic games in maxout settings.

Alienware 18

Aleinware 18 is the latest laptop released in the Alienware gaming laptops series.Alienware,although considered to be one of the best gaming Laptops developing company,they are still slow in the release of new Gaming laptops.While,ASUS is running faster than Alienware in this market.Below,you can see some of important features of this laptop.This is available in Amazon for a price of $2200 ans has a user rating of 4.4

It's intel i7 processor with a 18.4 inch wide screen helps you paly games effectively.Mainly,these laptops suit best for FPS games.It has an 8GB ram (lesser when compared to Alienware 17) and a Hard disk space of 1024 GB.They have increased Hard disk space and decreased RAM for the Alienware 18.It is because,gamers suggested them to increase the Hard disk space so as to store more number of games.And also,RAM is decreased to 8GB as 16 GB is way too more for the present generation games.It's graphic card,however suits best for all the latest games (It has a 3GB Graphics card RAM though.!!)

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