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Best Free Games to play

Updated on January 15, 2013

I love to play video games and since you’re here reading this I am going to assume you do too. But let’s face it games have gotten expensive, especially in this economy. I can’t spend the money I used to on video games, I have a wife and kids now and I have to take care of them first. So I want to make a few articles about some of the best free games you can find online. I am only going to be covering a few in this article, but I will make more as I find the time. These are my opinions based on what I like so don’t go jumping on my case about how you thought these were not the best free games online. With that out of the way let’s get started.



I just discovered this one a few days ago, but so far I am really enjoying it. I have put a few hours into it and the game play can be pretty deep. It is kind of a mix between the RTS and Tower Defense genres. Basically you control a Mech that can transform between a ground and fast moving air unit. You also have the ability to build different units to command and place on the battlefield. You can equip new pilots that all have different stats and advantages as well as items. You can also customize your Mech, and the units in your army so that you can give yourself the best advantage for each situation. It includes a few modes of play like co-op and survival as well as offline. There is a pay to play portion of the game, but it’s mostly cosmetic items for your Mech and a few stat items. This game is currently in Beta but it seems pretty polished aside from a few balance issues. They are still adding content and it seems they are listening to the community a lot when it comes to the new stuff they are adding. Also referring friends can get you in-game cash to spend on your army, so if you check it out be sure to add my user name for referring you “Darkstryder4”:) You can download the game from Steam, as you will see they have some of the best free computer games you can get.



This is an older game but I love it! It is a top down survival horror shooter where you and a team of three others must make your way through different mission objectives. You will be going against different varieties of aliens that constantly swarm your group. The atmosphere is dark and the tension is high. It really reminds me of being in an Aliens movie, even down to radar blipping noise that tells you how close the aliens are to murdering you and your squad. You will have a few different classes to level up as well as a variety of different weapons and items. It will take teamwork to get through the harder game difficulties. It is not a very long game but there are a ton of player made maps and campaigns that you can download. I may go over those in another article in the future. Overall I had a lot of fun with this one, and it is worth the few hours to play the main game. This is another one of the best free games to download off of Steam.



This is also another one of the best free internet games you can download from Steam. It’s a third person shooter that requires teamwork to win. You have five different classes called Pros that you can play as that have varying abilities that balance out your team. There are basically two game modes. Super Blitz and Super Crossfire. Super Blitz’s main objective is to build defenses to stop a steady stream of npc robots from getting to the core of your base and destroying it. You also need to earn money by shooting the robots and other players for your character to unlock new abilities and pay for upgrades and defensive buildings. The other mode Super Crossfire is a 5 vs 5 match where two teams’ face off and try to destroy the other team’s core or Money Ball. What is great about the game is that its setup like a futuristic sports league and there are plenty of comedic moments that just add to the games enjoyment. It also allows you to use different in-game products and endorsements that give you boosts to your character. There is an in-game store that sells character customization's for real money but you can play without ever buying anything. This is one of the first games I found in my search for high quality games and it deserves to be on the best free game list.



If you have not heard of this one you have been living under a rock. But that’s ok, that’s why I’m here. If I didn't put this one down as one of the best free pc games I would be in trouble. This one is also available on Steam. It is a first person shooter revolving around different classes like sniper, support, and assault. There are more than just those three and they all bring something different to the table. Whether its building turrets to defend a choke point as an Engineer or backstabbing a pesky Sniper camping in a tower as a Spy. You can even just mow down everything that moves as a Heavy Weapons Guy with a huge minigun. There is plenty of entertainment here with multiple game modes including the standard King of the Hill, Capture the flag, and Attack and Defend. There are some interesting ones as well like pushing a bomb down a track to the enemy base to blow it up. It is funny to watch two teams’ race bombs on tracks next to each other while bullets and rockets are flying back and forth. Team Fortress 2 has been one of the best free games for pc for a while and I highly recommend trying it out. Oh and check out the class trailers on youtube, they are very entertaining.

Well I want to thank you for reading and I hope you found it helpful. Like I said, I know what it’s like to be on a tight budget. I do hope you find these games as enjoyable as I did. I will be writing more articles as I find more free games and find time to play them. So be sure to check back again. Until next time enjoy!


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