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Best Free Online RPG - RuneScape 3

Updated on May 28, 2015

RuneScape 3 Revealed

RuneScape 3 Is Awesome

I've been a long time player of RuneScape (started in about 2002) and am happy to announce that the creators of the game, Jagex Ltd., are releasing what they are calling RuneScape 3. Although Jagex is constantly updating and upgrading RuneScape on a weekly basis, when they truly upgrade something fundamental to the game, the give it a new number, even though it will be at the same website,

HTML 5 Integration

RuneScape is widely known for its free version, constant updates and web browser integration. Flash has been used to run the game, but unlike every other web based game, RuneScape is delving into HTML 5 (in addition to Java for browsers that don't support HTML 5) to run the game. This means smoother gameplay, better graphics capacity and a better experience overall. After 12 strong years and roughly 219 million accounts created (at the time of this post), my favorite mmorpg is getting a HUGE makeover

Interface Customization

Remember when the game took up only 15% of your screen, filling the rest with black space? Those days are over, but the interface has been deemed 'ugly' by myself and just about every other player in the game. Now, it will be possible to customize where specific in game windows are. Your inventory, minimap, chat box, combat bar and just about any other screen overlay you can think of is now 100% customizable. The interface screens can now move and stick to any side of the game you'd like. Even though it seems like a small part of the game (it's a subliminal thing, I think you'd agree too), this part of the upgrade to RuneScape 3 has got to be one of my favorites by far.


The new and improved minimap highlights four main features:

  • Check your run energy
  • Camera reset (compass)
  • Look at the world map
  • (New) Home teleport quick select

Combat Bar

The combat bar now shows all of your combat related abilities and your health, adrenaline points, summoning points and your prayer points.

Social Window

The new social window allows you to pull out each different tabs to view all of the different streams at the same time. They can also be collided together to perform similar to how they did before the update.

Menu Bar

The new menu bar contains all of the different content pages that you would find randomly placed in the game before. Things like gear, quests, minigames, powers (abilities) and social options that integrate social media with your account are available in this interface. The menu bar opens up new colorful interfaces that include achievements and other related tabs.

The customization doesn't stop at resizing windows. In the edit mode, you can do some advanced interface editing by moving separate windows around on your computer real estate. You can resize them and move them around. The minigame HUD shows you where some of the content from minigames such as Fish Flingers, Castle Wars or Player Owned Ports will appear when you're playing. The gameplay HUDS show you the contextual content of the game. Tasks, loot, status updates are all a part of this and can be customized. It also includes the NPC dialogue box so you can move it wherever you want.

Once finished editing your layout, you can save it as a preset and load it when you're ready to change the layout. (this could be helpful for some tactical PvP or PvM).

Interface Changes

Best MMORPG Game By Far

I can speak from experience here. There is no better game than RuneScape and if you haven't yet, I highly recommend you try it out. But be warned - it's very addicting! I started back in 2002 or so and have been playing ever since. I started rather young compared to other players because my brother found it and got me hooked. He's since then quit, but I still keep on goin'.

I'm glad to see it evolve into what it has, unlike other one hit wonder video games some of us have once loved and since forgot about. Anyway, if you're looking for a new free online video game, I highly recommend RuneScape. It has a free trial that you can try, but trust me, you won't be playing the free version very long. The paid version (roughly $8/mo.) is well worth the money, which is why the game has succeeded as much as it has. If you're looking for the membership cards, click here for a 30 day membership card. While you are playing RuneScape, it may get relaxing and tedious at times, but don't despair - there's always YouTube :)

If you ever have trouble loading YouTube videos, it may be because Time Warner Cable and other internet providers can throttle your bandwidth. Don't worry though, it's a simple fix. Check out my tutorial on how to prevent them from cheating your bandwidth.


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