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Best Free PC Games cont 8-15

Updated on July 11, 2013

Continued from Best Free PC Games 1-7

Free games supported with microtransitions seem to be the latest craze by publishers. Here is the rest of the list continued from page 1, Best Free PC Games 1-7.

8. Dota 2

Dota (Defense of the Ancients), the first MOBA game ever made, was developed as a mod in the Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne engine. One of the designers, Icefrog, was hired by Valve to create a sequel, Dota 2.

Dota 2 will feature a more direct adaptation of the original game unlike league of legend's play on the series. Dota 2 uses a more hardcore formula where you can kill your own creeps (or even teammates) to "deny" your opponent the gold and experience.

You can find a free beta key online or from a friend that plays. You can download Dota 2 here:

9. Aion

Have you ever wanted to experience what it would be like to have wings in a MMO? My favorite mechanic in Aion has been the ability to jump off any height, open your wings, and glide your way forward.

You start as one of four classes and specialize into a subclass at level 10 where you can pick up your wings. An interesting aspect of gameplay is the separate pve and pvp zones questing zones. Every once an hour or so, a portal opens from one faction's pve zone to the other, where you can pvp unsuspecting questors or do a cross-zone infiltration quest.

Aion was one of the best selling games in 2009, selling over a million copies in the western world and switched to the free-to-play model in April 2012. A rich player housing system was introduced in patch 3.0 where you can own land and customize your property. Also the graphic engine was revamped and improved as shown below.

Download here: The following trailer really shows some of the improvements Aion has made along the years.

10. Rift

Released in 2011, Rift captured one million players in the MMO market. To better compete, Rift transitioned to the free-to-play model in June 2013.

Rift is unique because at any time a portal can open, pouring out enemies that lay siege to cities until it is closed. If left unchecked they will conquer zones, slay npcs, and make trouble for solo adventurers nearby.

Rift's landscapes are beautiful to explore with hidden gems and mini-puzzles tucked away around the map. In 2012, Rift introduced player housing allowing players to customize their own residences with a wide array of objects.

You can download and play it here:

11. Planetside 2

Produced by Sony Entertainment, Planetside 2 is the best large scale FPS on the market. The engine supports hundreds of players battling simultaneously across multiple objectives and zones.

Your character is persistent. As you fight you earn certifications allowing you to unlock and upgrade abilities for each of the six unique classes available for play. Over time you also obtain spawning credits used to activate the mech class or spawn a vehicle.

The vehicle spawning system is solid. Gone are the days of people sitting back doing nothing but fighting over a vehicle spawn point. You use your own spawn credits to spawn the vehicle you want. You are the only person that can pilot your vehicle unless you unlock your seat allowing you to capture an objective on foot without someone hijacking your driver's seat. Vehicle weaponry is completely customizable. An example would be you can select between your co-pilots helicopter cannon from a slow wide radius bombardment cannon to a precision more frequent pummeling cannon.

You can join a platoon of 32 players and coordinate with in game VOIP. It's a game of teamwork and leadership.

You can download it here:


12. Command and Conquer

Command and Conquer is one of the oldest and most decorated RTS titles of all time. Over 4 million people have applied for this beta. Powered by the new Frostbite 2 engine (yes that means map destructibility), Command and Conquer will bring back the nostalgia to a head.

C&C is the a sequel to Command and Conquer: Generals. More Generals will be added throughout the life cycle of the product. The three factions will be GLA (Global Liberation Army), the EU (European Union), and the APA (Asian Pacific Alliance).

This game will be free-to-play at launch. If you can't get into the beta this summer, it should be released later this year in the fall. You can sign up here:

13. Tribes: Ascend

Do you ever get tired of your every day FPS shooter experience? Tribes: Ascend lets you play at the speed of wind. You can ski down slopes, jet pack into the air, and propel yourself anywhere in this action packed game of momentum.

You control a persistent character that levels up and unlocks more perks and upgrades to your load out. You also earn credits in a match that allows you to spawn artillery attacks or vehicles.

Download and play for free at:

14. Black Mesa

Are you a fan of Half Life? Tirelessly awaiting Half Life 3 if it ever was to come?

A 40 person mod team has recreated the Half Life 1 experience using an updated source engine with modernized physics, lighting, and graphics that was never available in the original game. Keeping the original gameplay and story-line intact you play as Gordon Freeman, the Black Mesa scientist.

Play Half Life like it was meant to be played. Download it here:

15. Hearthstone

I don't have a TCG (Trading card game) on this list. If you are a fan of Magic the Gathering or a fan of Blizzard, you might be interested to know Blizzard is developing a free online TCG based in the Warcraft universe.

300 cards will be available from the git go, with more being released over time. Booster packs will be achievable in-game or purchasable for $1. 1v1 matches will be hosted on Blizzard's platform.

The game will also be released on the PC, Mac, and Ipad in late 2013.

You can sign up for the ongoing beta here:

If you are looking for more:

More free PC games can always be found at Amazon's Free-to-Play library.

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If you are a big fan of a free PC game I left off this list or have comments on those that I listed, feel free to let me know in the comments below.


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