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Best Gaming Consoles Under Budget 2014

Updated on July 11, 2014

A Console is basically a box type computing device which is mainly Designed for Gaming or Gamers like me.Many people like me try to find some relaxation from the daily Routine business life.Mainly,teenagers have moved to Gaming to relax themselves.This is because gaming can easily change your state of mind and will help you relax easily.Also,there are people who play games quite often.There are friends for me who play games for 12 hours continuously.

When gaming is considered,the gaming consoles are very much recommended that Computers.This is because computers are specially not designed for gaming and Computer cannot run all games without Lag.Whereas,since these Gaming consoles are just designed for gaming,they can run eanc and every game with Max out settings.So here,i will show you the list of best gaming consoles.Have a look at them now.

Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4 or PS4 is the latest gaming console released by Sony.It is the next successive console for Play station 3 which is released on 15 November 2013.It's now a big competition for the Nintendo's Wii U and Microsoft XBOX One,the 8th Generation Gaming consoles..There are nearly 9 Million (Consoles) sales estimate on July 2,2014.This value goes on changing as thousands of people buy it daily.

It has a 256 MB RAM with 8 GB unified internal Memory.You can insert Memory cards and CD's of games to run them.It's shape is almost similar to PS3 while it's features are entirely Different.It runs on a Octa-Core AMD processor which enables you to play latest games like Watch dogs,GTA 5,Battlefield 3 etc.This PlayStation 4 is probably the best gaming console at present.It is available in Amazon for a price of $400.

Microsoft XBOX one

Microsoft's latest release in Gaming Consoles.XBOX one is the successor of XBOX 360 and is the third console released from the series of XBOX consoles.It gives huge competition for 8th Generation Gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 and Wii U as it is an 8th Generation Gaming Console.This is one of the Best gaming console released by Microsoft.It is released world-wide on 22 November 2013 to give competition for PlayStation 4.But,PlayStation 4 stands first with 9 Million sales while XBOX one has nearly 5 Million sales.

It has fantastic reviews from the game critics.Many of them also called this as the BEST GAMING CONSOLE.The main attraction of this is it's Joypad.It's Joypad is the best controller now in the market.It runs on a custom XBOX operating system with a 1.75 Ghz Octa-core AMD processor.

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U is the 8th generation Gaming console released by Nintendo to compete with th PlayStation 4 and XBOX one.Nintendo is the japan's biggest Gaming console company which released this Wii U as the successor or Wii. It is released on November 30,2012.It runs on a special operating system designed for Wii U.It runs on a Tri-core 125 Ghz processor.It has 6.7 Million world wide sales and is the second best selling Gaming console of 2014.

It's a portable console which entertains you while travelling and also even in home.You can also connect this to a television for a better Gaming Interface.It is available in Amazon for $340 and has a 4 star rating from Amazon customers and is one of the best gaming console

PlayStation Vita

It is another 8th generation Portable gaming console released by Sony.It is the successor of PSP(Play Station Portable) which was released in 2004.There was a big gap in the release of PSP and PSV as the Sony concentrated more on the Television consoles.Meanwhile,they have released PlayStation 2,PlayStation 3 which are the best gaming consoles now.This PlayStation VIita is Released on February 22,2012 worldwide.While,playstation portable was a biggest success for Sony with nearly 80 Million sales,this PlayStation Vita has only 4 Million sales up to now.

Comparatively,this is the best portable gaming console at present as there are no famous competitors for this.But still,as gamers have turned more towards the television consoles,the craze for these portable consoles has decreased simultaneously.It runs on a Quad Core 2 GHZ processor and can play all the latest games like GTA 5,Battlefield 4 etc.

Which is the best Console in your Opinion ?

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