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5 Best Gaming Headsets under 50$ for PC,PS3,XBOX-Gaming Headsets

Updated on July 12, 2014

GAMING..! This became addiction.There are any people who can't live without playing games.Well,we have to play games,but only for some time.Playing for too much time will create eyesight problems,Back pain and many adverse effects.But,we are still Gamers ..:P.We don't care about all these things.All we need is games,games,games.Especially,many of you love to play FPS games.In these games,the theme is killing enemies and completing the objectives.Well,there are MOBA games which are also having the same plot of FPS games.But,the thing is in MOBA games,two teams play against each other whereas in FPS games,we alone should kill enemies and clear objectives.While RTS and MMO are different types of games.But,for all these games,a headset is useful and sometimes compulsory.Hence,i have decided to list out 5 best gaming headsets for all games .

There are many latest games released in the market with high graphics and several FPS and MOBA games are out there too.No gamer can enjoy the game without sound.The sound effects of these upcoming games are fantastic.So,every gamer wants to have a special headset for gaming.But many give up because they think that gaming headsets are expensive.But no.That is what i'm trying to show you in this list.This list consists of 5 Best gaming Headsets for pc ,ps3 and XBOX under 50$.50$ is not a big deal.But,you have to find the best gaming headset for your budget.So,there i will be helpful for you.Share this on your Facebook wall if you like this list.So,have a look at the best gaming headsets under 50$ now.TRA...LAA..LAA...!

Why Gaming Headset ?

*All the game developers take interest in creating best quality sound effects for the games.So,if we can't hear those sound effects,then it's a waste of work of those developers.So,Gaming Headsets are necessary for every game

*Sound effects make the Gameplay more interesting.While playing Battle arena games,you can hear enemies foot step sounds,Firing sounds more clearly and you can escape easily.

*Whenever you play online by chatting with friends online,gaming headset is compulsory.Especially while playing team battles,you can seek permission of your Team members to kill enemies.

5) Sentey® Gaming Headset Pc Symph

This is one of the budget game headset for you.This has some good reviews and ratings from Amazon .It runs on Virtual 7.1 USB.It allows your hear to listen every pinch of the sound like a 7.1 Virtual sound box.You can use this for Gaming,skype and some other personal uses.

This gaming headset price is just $29.99 in amazon and it is one of the best seller in gaming headsets.

4) Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Black Ops KILO

This Headset is especially designed for Call of Duty gaming series.MOBA and FPS games are most recommended games for using this Turtle Bleach.I personally use this Headset because this i love First person shooter games.This is one of the best gaming headset for FPS games according to my opinion.

It makes you hear every pinch of sound,so that you can hear the sounds of your enemies movement,firing and all.I also play online battle games like league of legends using this Headset.There are several gaming headsets released by Turtle bleach for COD,but personally i recommend this gaming headset.

PRICE: $48.99


My rating 5/5.What's yours ?

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Call of Duty

3) SteelSeries 5Hv3 Gaming Headset

A famous and best selling gaming Headset for PC and Mac under 50$.This has been specially designed for battle arena games.This headset ensures crystal clear sounds with soft elastic ear cushions which are extra padded.

You can use it for PC,MAC and even for Android devices as it has a 3.5 Mm jack.This headset includes a how to use guide,drivers CD along with the Headset.

2) Thermaltake HT-SHK002ECWH eSports SHOCK Gaming Headset

This is the best gaming headset under 50$ designed by Thermaltake.This headset has a Gold plated 3.5 mm jack provided to use it also for android phones.Amazing Stereo music,ear cushions are additional features.

This is available in seven different colors.Available in Blue,orange,red , green,Yellow,Diamond Black adn Shining White all available at same price of $39.99.

1) Corsair Vengeance 1300 PC Gaming Headset

This ranks first in the list of best gaming headsets under 50$.You can play all type of games with great sound clarity and beautiful outlook of this Gaming headset.This Ear cushion has a larger radius which fixes every ear.All gaming developers work hard to keep best Sound effects for a Game.But,if you don't have a Good gaming headset,that work of Developers becomes waste.This Gaming headset ensures best sound clarity and effects.

This package includes a start up guide along with Gaming headset.Whenever,you are having an Online chat with your friends while playing team battle games,this ensures best quality.With a price of 49.99$,it is available in only one color.

That's all.This is the top 5 list of best gaming headsets.I hope you all liked this list.Also,please consider to vote for your favorite Headset so that it will become easier for the fellow visitors to choose the best product.THANK YOU...!!!

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    • profile image

      Mr. Jingles 3 years ago

      Most of these headsets are above $50 dollars, especially the last one which is $110 on Amazon......