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Best Gift Ideas - Toys Under $90 - Tonka Ricochet RC Vehicle 4 X 4 Remote Control

Updated on July 20, 2012

Tonka Ricochet RC Vehicle 4 X 4 RC

I love toys. Always have.  The cooler and more high-tech, the better. Tonka has one of the coolest high-tech RC vehicles in existence… the Tonka Ricochet RC Vehicle 4 X 4 RC 27MHZ. (That's really a mouthful!) For sheer fun and excitement, this not-so-little vehicle can kick up some dust.  If you're ready to stir up some excitement, keep reading to see what the fuss is all about!

See you on the flip side!
See you on the flip side! | Source

The Ricochet - Not quite sure what it is, but it's fun!

RC has been around for years; as a matter of fact, when my Dad was a teenager, he had all kinds of Radio Control gadgets.  Though his preference was airplanes, he enjoyed all manner of R/C toys. 

Usually, I tend to favor helicopters.  But the Tonka Ricochet RC has me wanting to stay ground-bound. 

This thing twists, bends, warps, bounces, and flips… and keeps on going.  It's unique style is a sure attention-getter.  The Ricochet is almost more like a snake with wheels than a car.  As  a matter of fact, you'll hear it called a car, a monster truck, or even just an RC Vehicle.  The Ricochet's versatility defies definition.

Check out the Monster Lift

Transformers... not just robots anymore

Then there's the Monster Lift Suspension. When the terrain is too rough for normal low-to-the-ground action, the Ricochet will transform itself into a 'high rise' racer. This you have to see… be sure to watch the video. It's amazing in action. When the going gets tough, the Ricochet just switches into Monster Lift mode and keeps on going. The transformation is pretty cool to watch. And the Ricochet's ability to handle rough territory is something else.

Too much fun for inside play

The Tonka Ricochet RC 4 x 4 is a hard-driving, high-powered, full speed ahead adventure.  It's 9.6 volt rechargeable battery gives it power to burn.  Running full out, it reaches speeds that are hard to believe for a little battery-powered vehicle.  Easily fast enough to take a jump from a ramp.  Possibly too fast for indoor fun; as fast as this 4x4 runs, it might need a bit more space than the ordinary living room.  Beside, any ordinary room will cramp it's style.  This go-buggy needs a lot of space to strut it's stuff.

Out having fun in a rough field

Agile and versatile

The Tonka Ricochet handles turning by twisting both ends into the curve, giving it some amazing maneuverability.  Kind of reminds me of watching a skink (something like a very fast lizard) scoot along the ground.  Stop on a dime.  Spin like a top.  It's built low to hug the ground, so no matter how you wrangle, the Ricochet's got you covered.  Even if you flip it upside down - just keep on driving!  (Unless you're in Monster Lift mode, which only operates right-side-up.)

Just a quick demo

Up to 3 radio bands available

Want to Ricochet with friends?  You can have up to three operating closely without radio interference.  With three channels available, each can operate without interfering with each other.  Imagine being out in a field with your whole family running these at high speeds!  There'd be some crazy fun times together.  Sort of like playing bumper cars at the fair, only with a lot more excitement.

Everything you need

Ricochet in a Box
Ricochet in a Box | Source

And the package contains...

The Tonka Ricochet comes with vehicle, controller, 9-volt battery, 9.6 volt rechargeable battery, and charger. Dimensions are 5.2 x 19.9 x 14.2 inches, and weighs about 6 pounds. Out of the box, ready to use. No extra parts to buy, batteries included, everything you need is included.

Take note- in one place, it's recommended for children 4 and up. In another place, the manufacturer recommends children 8 and up. Personally, I'd stay with the 8 and up unless an adult will be supervising constantly. Better to be safe, especially when it comes to children getting excited and not thinking.

About the batteries

I've heard complaints that the battery only lasts around an hour and a half before needing a recharge…  an hour and a half?  That's 90 minutes of high-intensity fun.  You know, I'm over 50.  I don't know if I could survive a longer charge.  Might be too much excitement for me.  But anyway, just so you know.  After roughly an hour and a half, it'll need a recharge.  Recharging takes about 4 hours.  Personally, that seems reasonable to me.

Tonka makes them tough

As much ram-rodding around as the Ricochet does, there's bound to be fender-benders every now and then. That's actually part of the fun. Fortunately, these toy cars are built to take a pounding. After all, Tonka made it, and their toys have always had a reputation for durability. My childhood Tonka Dump truck is still in one piece… and all the kids in the neighborhood took turns balancing on the cab while riding downhill. That truck was actually more durable than some of us kids. That's why I've always liked Tonka.

Share... or buy two?

Taken all together, the Tonka Ricochet Vehicle 4x4 RC is a fun, exciting radio controlled car that will have a long playability.  Not just for kids, but adults as well, will enjoy putting the Ricochet through it's paces.  With the transforming ability, the high speed, and serpentine way of moving, the coolness factor is off the chart.  The biggest problem you're likely to face?  Fighting over who gets to play with it next!


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