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Best Guns in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Updated on June 28, 2014

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is no doubt the best game in the market today. Players will do anything to gain an extra advantage over each other for competition is so tough. Picking the best guns can easily give you an advantage over your opponent. This article will list the top 10 guns in Black Ops 2.

#10: M27

The M27 is a nice gun. It doesn't have a lot of damage output but has a great amount of accuracy and range. It is great for taking out snipers from long range. It has relatively low recoil for an assault rifle and is unlocked at level 31.

#9: Vector K10

The Vector K10 is a gun you have to try! It is a magnificent gun. It has almost no recoil, a very fast fire rate, and carries 36 rounds of ammunition. At close range this is probably the best gun in the game but its major drop back is its ineffectiveness at long range.

#8 Skorpion EVO

There is absolutely no doubt that the Skorpion EVO is the best up close weapon in Black Ops 2. This is mainly because of its super fast fire rate and decent damage output. The only few drawbacks to this weapon is that it has very limited range and uncontrollable recoil. For these few reasons I could not move it up any higher in the list of the best guns of Black Ops 2.


The FAL is one of the best guns in the game if used in the correct way. Most people do not have a good trigger finger so this gun is not ideal for them because this is a single fire gun. If that is the case for you you have to use the Select Fire attachment then watch the XP roll in. The gun has great damage output and ideal accuracy.

#6 AN-94

This is the last weapon you unlock at level 55 and it is well worth the wait. This weapon has incredible damage output and does not take a lot of bullets to take down an opponent. The gun is very similar to the AK-47 in Black Ops 1.

#5 Type 25

The Type 25 is great for all the run and gun minded players. At has low recoil and a very fast fire-rate. This is by far my favorite assault rifle in the game and it is unlocked early too at level 4. So you do not have to wait long for a good weapon to come along in this game.

#4 DSR 50

The DSR 50 is no doubt the best sniper rifle in the game by far. It is also the best quick scoping gun in the game and is a easy one shot kill from the waist up. If you are a quick scoper this DSR 50 weapon is the best gun for you.

#3 MP7

Coming in third place is the MP7! It is a great all-around gun in the game and is easy to use also it has a very fast fire-rate making it easy for you to win those up close, close quarter match ups. Another pro for this gun is that it has a 40 round magazine.


With the MSMC at number 2, number 1 may seem very obvious. Like most sub-machine guns it is very deadly at close-range winning fairly easily most of its close quarters match ups. The MSMC made a good debut in the sub-machine gun lineup.

#1 PDW-57

Ahhhhh........ The best best gun in Black Ops 2: The magnificent PDW-57! This gun is no doubt the best gun in the game and you probably saw this coming. This gun has great damage output downing opponents in just 3 shots at close range. It has good range for a sub-machine gun and is fairly accurate. Like the MP7 at #3 it is a very good all-around gun.

So There You Have It!

So there you have it! The top 10 best guns in Black Ops 2. If you have any questions or have anything to say leave a comment below!

PDW-57 Gameplay


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    • profile image

      fastluke5 4 years ago

      Decent choices but vk10 could be a bit higher... here are my top 5:

      5:Kap-40-I don't use it a lot but it is deadly at close range and is very fast;I should use it more!

      4:Pdw-57-Used to be my favourite but I find I'm just too inconsistent with it. Mabye should be placed lower than Kap-40.

      3:Vector k10-A solid gun at close range and I think it's ok at longer distances. Easily one of my best performing guns. Carries on the Vector family well!

      2:Msmc-I hardly use this gun but really, if I think about it, it is a very accurate and formidable weapon. You picked a good number two!

      1:Dsr 50-A very easy choice. Amazing quickscoping and set me off towards loving snipers. I don't think any other guns have been as good as this apart from maybe the Tar-21 in MW2.

      Other honourable mentions: R870mcs,mp7,B23r,M27,Ballista45,Mtar,An-94,Tac-45,Ballista,Xpr-50 and Assault shield!(Mabye the Ksg and M1216!)