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Best Madden Plays: Offensive Madden 12 Passing Plays

Updated on February 7, 2012

Best Madden Passing Plays: Pittsburgh Playbook

Here are three Madden 12 plays to add to your arsenal of attacks. These are all from the Pittsburgh playbook.

Formation: Gun Snugs

Play: PA Pitt Cross

Setup: audible (A) to a streak / audible (Y) to block right / Motion (LB) to the right

Execution: Against all cover 2, (B) will be open on the flag route. If not, look for (LB) in man coverage

Formation: Singleback Bunch

Play: Verticals

Setup: motion (B) to the right and hike after one second

Execution: (B) will be open either at the beginning of the play or more deep. If not, look for (A) down the middle against cover 2

Formation: Gun Snugs

Play: Steelers Crosses

Setup: audible (A) to a streak

Execution: The (A)'s streak route should take any man or zone with him on the streak, leaving the other side of the middle of the field, (X), to be open for a nice gain. If not, look for (LB) on the slant


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