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Best PC Game EVER- Spore

Updated on August 27, 2012


Spore is my favourite PC game of all time. It was developed by Maxis and published by EA. It is an amazingly addictive game with strange cartoony graphics. The amount of customisation that you can do on your characters means that you can make some quite entertaining characters. It has a strange sense of humours but some parts can also provide quite a challenge and may require you to redo some sections.

5 Stages

There are 5 stages in the game and these stages see your creatures progress from the beginning of time to more advanced technology than we have currently. You meet many different species’ in the game and some of them can be other people’s creations or your own creations from previous games.

1st Stage- Cell Stage

The first stage is the Cell Stage where you have to swim and collect either pieces of meat if you are a carnivore or plants if you are a herbivore. When you kill an enemy with a body piece that you haven’t unlocked you can equip that body piece next time you meet with a mate. You can use points to equip pieces on to evolve to combat different situations. The game is very much based on evolving your character.

2nd Stage- Creature Stage

The next stage is called the Creature Stage. In the Creature Stage you gain legs and go onto dry land. You have to either make friends or slaughter as many species’ as you can until you get a big enough brain to advance. By killing or making friends with the Alpha’s of each species you gain access to parts which you can equip. In this stage customisation of your character becomes huge as you can affect different parts of the body. You can give yourself a tail or make certain parts of your body really fat. This stage can get quite repetitive though and you may need to take a break but if you just focus on the killing/ making friends with every tribe you see you will advance a lot quicker.

3rd Stage- Tribal Stage

The third stage is called the Tribal Stage and at this point the game becomes a sort of Real Time Strategy. You are not any particular character in it but command your tribe. You have a clan chieftain and if he is with you on the battlefield he can use the abilities that you gain depending on the choices you made in the previous two stages. Gradually villages will appear and you can either destroy them or make friends with them. Every time you conquer a village in any way you will get some buildings and when you send a tribe member into one of these buildings and they will get something corresponding with what building they went into. You can get offensive ones such as Throwing Spears, Social ones such as Maracas and Economic ones such as Fishing rods, which give you more stuff from fishing. Once you conquer all the villages you move onto the next stage.

4th Stage- Civilisation Stage

The fourth stage is the Civilisation Stage. In this stage you command Tanks, Boats, Planes and Missiles. Gradually enemies will also form cities and you have to either destroy them with military, buy them with economy or convert them with religion. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages but the last power available to you will instantly win you all other cities so use that as soon as you can. This will allow you to move onto the Space Stage, which is the final stage.

5th Stage- Space Stage

The Space Stage is never-ending, or at least, I have never reached the end with around 10 hours of gameplay on it. You have to do a variety of missions and buy equipment and trade spice and it is a very challenging mode.

What is your favourite stage?

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    • Mini Man Me profile image

      Mini Man Me 5 years ago

      To be honest I never really enjoyed the Sims but no, I do not even know who Steve is, I will look him up now.

    • netslums profile image

      Blake J Rudy 5 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      I loved this game! Couldn't decide if I liked it better than The Sims though (they're both made by the same team). Both great games. BTW, Mini Man Me, did you ever meet 'Steve' at the end of Spore?

    • Mini Man Me profile image

      Mini Man Me 5 years ago

      It is a very fun game and you should definitely play it. Be Warned though: you may get addicted!

    • Patty Kenyon profile image

      Patty Kenyon 5 years ago from Ledyard, Connecticut

      Interesting!! I never played Spore, however my kids used to love it!!