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Best PC Games Released in 2012

Updated on June 7, 2012

Diablo 3 Gameplay

Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is one of the most anticipated releases of the last 10 years. Fans of D2 never lost faith, and finally on May 15, 2012 the newest installment of Diablo was released. Initially after release fans were split. Many people claimed that the new game was easier than the last. However, I have two things to say about this. Firstly, many of us played D2 when we were kids around 10 to 15 years ago. Now, if in 15 years of regular gaming you are no better at it, then I am sad for you, choose a new hobby. If perhaps in that amount of time you are better at gaming then yeah, it may seem easier but try putting it into perspective. Secondly, normal mode is easy in this game. It always has been in Diablo games. Hell mode on the other hand? Well, you get the idea.... keep pushing forward and you may find the challenge rewarding.

With this new installment, Blizzard has done another great job creating picturesque terrains and gruesome mobs once again. What excited me most about D3 is the way the devs stuck to the original feel of D2. Instead of trying to create a new WoW style game due to the popularity of the series, they honored Diabo friends by keeping it uniquely fun.

Guild Wars 2 - Asura
Guild Wars 2 - Asura

Guild Wars 2

This game is creating quite a lot of buzz. Set in a time around 250 years ago this game has dragons, centaurs and my personal favorite, a necromancer class! While I am personally unfamiliar with Guild Wars I did have some friends who played the beta. One friend in particular gave rave reviews about the game but stated he would not be splurging for the $59.99 projected rate when the game released. However, I saw some fire dogs in this game that definitely piqued my interest.

Rumor has it the Guild Wars 2 will be released on June 28, 2012. However, the company has yet to release an official date stating that the release date will be sometime in 2012 depending on how beta testing goes.


Tera hopes to hit on some of the same success WoW has through utilizing a monthly subscription fee. While some beta testers were put off by this request it is important to understand that games like this allow your real gaming talent to show through. Cash shopping a character to OPness (lol I just said pness) isn't possible in games like Tera making the whole thing seem more fair and fun.

After playing the demo of Tera I can tell that the controls used may take some getting used to, which is typical I suppose, but otherwise it seems like a totally decent game. This MMORPG will certainly have some common aspects that you have grown used to in similar games but the graphics are better than most I've seen. Tera also gives the ability to physically dodge attacks which involves some new skills as well.


I will say, I am very excited for the release of RaiderZ. I follow Perfect World games pretty closely but this one might trump all the rest. Fighting in this game is similar to Tera where you have to attack with purpose. When a mob has a shield you will want to time your attacks to hit when the shield is down. You can also move away when under attack. If a sword is about to smash down onto your head simply take a step to the left and evade. This world is also very interactive. When a mob is kicking your ass it might pick you up and throw you to the ground or chew you up... literally.

The release date for RaiderZ is unclear at the moment. Alpha testing has commenced and I am hoping that Beta testing is starting soon.


Another Perfect World game, E3 has nominated this brand new game for Best MMO Game, which is really saying something for such a broad category. Neverwinter is technically a Dungeons & Dragons game but I predict that the popularity of this installment will far surpass the other D&D games out there. The graphics look amazing and the game appears to be chalked full of unique skills and abilities. I will continue to update this section as more information about the game is released.

Beta testing should hopefully begin soon.


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    • Richawriter profile image

      Richard J ONeill 5 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Hmmm, nice hub for all those great games there!

      I used to play games such as those above. I especially love the building games where you build up a thriving community.

      Pity. We gotta make choices huh. For the betterment of our lives. I choose to be successful and to leave the games behind. Once I am 'fully' successful then I'll be back to the games while I work! hehe

      You seem to be doing extremely well so far huh. Your production rate is phenomenal!

      Good work and thanks for stopping by my hubs.

      Please come again.

      Take care and remember the sky's the limit!

    • jdrogers91 profile image

      Jimmy Rogers 5 years ago from Muscatine, IA

      Fantastic line-up. Looking forward to giving Guild Wars 2 a whirl. After seeing some gameplay of Tera, however, I may've lost quite a bit of interest in that game. I had never heard of RaiderZ until now, and I have a lot of friends that will be excited about a new Neverwinter installment. Voted up, keep it up!

    • William157 profile image

      William157 5 years ago from Southern California

      Great list! It should have been called "most anticipated" because a lot of these aren't out yet. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

      Voted up and useful!