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Best PS3 games for kids

Updated on November 23, 2015

The PS3 isn't really a console aimed at younger gamers. Fortunately they have recently released a few great titles, which kids love. In this article I will review the best PS3 games for kids.


LittleBigPlanet is a platform game with a dedication to creativity unlike any other.

You start out as Sack Boy, the cute character on the box. As you progress you can experiment with new styles for your character. Using costumes, hats, stickers and other accessories to create a unique hero.

The characters in LittleBigPlanet are easy to control. There are only 2 buttons X to jump, and R1 to grab hold. It's easy enough for even younger kids to master quickly, but fun for kids and adults.

What really makes LittleBigPlanet unique is the ability to make your own game levels. Then go online and share those levels with other players. Building a level is easy to do, but hard to master. Sharing the levels and finding fun new levels online is easy. This means kids can have endless hours of fun with LittleBigPlanet.

Lego games on the PS3

Lego have made a number of these fun games in which you play little Lego characters. The Lego games all have 2 player modes, so you it can keep more than one of your kids entertained.

Lego Star Wars
The action in Lego Star Wars is light, fun, and addictive. The game is filled with funny cheesy humor. Which has kids laughing out loud. I found the game's graphics to be surprisingly good.

The best part of Lego Star Wars is that you can act out most of the major scenes from both the old and new Star Wars movies.

Lego Indiana Jones 2
Released in November 2009 this is the latest Lego game and it's based around the crystal skull movie. The game however goes far beyond what we saw in the movie. You will recognize several of the scenes but there are new puzzles, areas and bosses.

In the game you can use Indy's trusty whip to capture people and drag them around. You can also use items like bottles, chairs and bananas to hit targets.

Mini Ninjas

Mini Ninjas is the cutest game I have seen in a while. The game's 3D graphics reminded me of the Kung Fu Panda movie.

Mini Ninjas is an action adventure that's low on gruesome assassinations and high on lighthearted fun. The music sets the mood perfectly with real Japanese instruments.

I recommend this game for kids age 8 and older.

Mini Ninjas Trailer


Pure is a off road racing game made by Disney. What makes Pure a little different is that you are able to do tricks in a race and that gives you speed boosts.

The game's strong points are: the breathtaking environments, good racing track variety and excellent online game play.

Pure is an exciting racing game that absolutely delivers on its promise of high-speed, high-adrenaline action.

Pure Trailer

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Best PS3 game for kids
Best PS3 game for kids
Top PS3 games for kids
Top PS3 games for kids
Best kids PS3 games
Best kids PS3 games


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      habib lawi 4 years ago

      i love fifa

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      Sebastian11 8 years ago

      looking forward to Indiana Jones 2