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Best Playstation 4 bundles to buy? (PS4)

Updated on May 18, 2014

What Do You Need In Your Bundle?

The time is near. Soon you will hold a box containing a coveted Playstation 4 in your arms. But before you go shopping take some time to think about what exactly you need and where you can get the best value.

There are 4 necessary points below that you will need when purchasing your bundle whether it's for you or someone you really care about.

1. You will need a Playstation Plus subscription if you wish to play your games online. A subscription is $17.99 or $49.99 for a year. This WILL include many advantages. I have used it before on the PS3 when no one else subscribed to it. Lots of premium free games and content are included.

2. A Playstation 4 console with all the leads you need and one controller. The console is Retailing for $399.99 which is an amazing deal for a new state of the art console.

3. If you wish to play two player (local) you will need a second controller, which is retailing for $59.99.

4. And obviously a game is needed. There will be free downloads available with your Playstation plus membership but being honest, you will need a disc to feel the magic. Games are starting at $59.99.

Read below to find out which retailer is offering the best deals. At the bottom there will be a determination.

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Gamestop have numerous bundles on sale, all of which make no sense. The point of a bundle is to save you a few dollars if you buy more than one item. Well this just isn't true in this case. See this deal for example.

The Playstation 4 Knack bundle for $519.97. If you take the controller and the game, and add them to the price of the console, they would add to $519.97 exactly. This is the usual Gamestop attitude. The customer always comes last while they sell the same game twice, or charge you as much as they can. Greedy!!


The same old, same old. Again the offer below will make you feel lucky to be giving them money. They even have in bold writing "your choice". Indeed! It is my choice. Yet they seem to be trying to advise me to bundle. What am I getting from this? Nothing, that's what! This bundle costs the same as buying the items separately. The only difference being, that buying them separately will allow you more freedom to choose your game

The ironic title "Shop Low Prices on: PS4 Console Starter Bundle w/ Choice of Game or Acessory : Consoles" also made me giggle a little. Thanks Walmart for giving me a choice to "shop LOW prices" while also misspelling the word accessory. Stay Classy my friend!


A little bit of refreshing honesty. Sony simple lay it out for you. They request that you chose a console, a game and an accessory if you wish. They do not, however, claim to be cheaper. To be honest, at least you are buying it from Sony themselves which pleases me a little. The price is though, the same as buying the items separately.


I knew you wouldn't let me down Target. But then again.... you did. The same deal, the same to a CENT!! $459.98. It's not really a bundle, is it? A full priced controller and the full priced console.

They do have a pretty sweet buy 2 get 1 free deal on games right now though if you have the $ to spend.

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The Outcome

Let's be honest with ourselves. These bundles are made for people who are just too lazy to buy the items separately. The bundle will save you no money and is simply letting the store pick what you get with your Playstation 4. My advice would be to either buy it directly from Sony, or purchase it from a smaller local company. You will receive better customer service this way and if you need to go back for advice, you will get it.

If it comes down to the only difference being customer service, then lets analyze. Gamestop will be packed to the doors in the coming months. Target staff have no technological experience whatsoever. And well Walmart..... let's just say they have the above 2 issues as well as a 3rd more important issue. It is Walmart. No customer service, very little leg to stand on when it comes to returning goods, and let's just not go there.

I hope this helped you make your decision. If you're buying online, you should probably use If your buying locally, on this occasion, it is probably better to buy locally from a local store.


In truth, I looked at my wife and kid when I went to best buy (yeah I don't have a local small business), added up the price of the PS+, playstation 4, second controller and game ($570) and abandoned the bundle on a random shelf. Did I really want to sit alone while playing Call of Duty?

I spontaneously grabbed a Wii U instead with a second controller and 2 games for $310. Best decision I ever made. Now it sits under my TV beside my gaming Steam PC and there are few games I can't play either alone, local 2 player or online as well as introducing my child to the world of gaming in an unselfish choice. I play COD on the gamepad in bed, on the porch or in the kitchen while my kid can't see the violence. I also play Mario and Rayman Legends local 3 player with my wife and kid, and Civilization V on the PC.


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    • cfin profile image

      cfin 4 years ago from The World we live in

      Thank you W1totalk. I hope the point was put forth to the consumer. Buy what you wish to buy, not what the store "suggests"

    • W1totalk profile image

      W1totalk 4 years ago

      Informative Thorough. Good.