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Best Poker Books For Poker Strategy and Poker Tips

Updated on July 25, 2011

Looking For Poker Books?

Poker books can be for entertainment, for information or they can help you improve your skills in playing poker. Poker is a sport and as in all sports there are tons of books on the subject. From poker strategies to poker player biographies you can find poker books on most things that have to do with the game of poker

If you are interested in poker books, there are several categories available depending upon your reading preference. There are books about famous poker players which always have an interesting story to them. Additionally you can find many books about poker strategies that will give you the poker tips you need to win at poker. There are also poker books on the various types of poker you can play such as cash games, tournament poker or online poker. Read through the sections to get an idea about the best poker books that you may be looking for.

Poker Books About Poker Players

As in anything from sports to entertainment there are certain people who stand out from everyone else. Poker is no different.

There are poker players who may have inspired others or who have better skills that may be the subject of the best poker books.

Chris Moneymaker was the winner of the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event. His win at the biggest tournament influenced the interest that is in Texas Holdem Poker today. His book is a great read. I am a big poker fan and thought the book was very fun to read and would recommend it.

Doyle Brunson is a very famous poker player from the early school of poker players. He played in the Main Event years before it became so popular. He even has a holdem hand named after him which is a 2-10. The Doyle Brunson Story is interesting reading on the history of Poker.

Best Poker Books About Poker Strategies and Poker Tips

There are all kinds of books about various poker strategies written by poker players that will help you win more when playing poker.

A few of the more famous poker books are shown on the right.

Ace on the River is a poker book written by Barry Greenstein. This book is helpful for those poker players who wish to be professional. An interesting note is that Barry Greenstein gives a signed copy of his book to anyone who knocks him out of a tournament.

Dan Harrington is a very conservative poker player who often makes it to the final stages of poker tournaments. He has written a three part book on Tournament poker called Harrington on Holdem. It is a must read for those poker players who like to play tournaments.

Phil Helmuth is a very outspoken poker player. His books on poker have been around for a long time and he is always willing to give advice on playing poker or actually how you shouldn't play.

Poker Books On Poker Tips

There are many books on various poker tips to help you improve your game. These books will give you poker tips on such topics as:

  • Winning poker tournaments
  • When to lay down your hand
  • What position is the best seat to bet from
  • How to read a player's tell
  • The best strategy for bluffing your poker hand
  • The difference between playing cash games and tournaments
  • Online poker skills
  • Playing the dealer's button
  • Best starting hands in Holdem

Any of the books on the right column will help you improve your game of poker. They also make a great gift idea for poker players.

Poker Books With A Poker Theme

If you are just looking for a good book with a poker theme. Check out the ones shown below.

They are all interesting poker books that most poker players would enjoy reading. It is fun to read stories or watch movies about people that have the same interest as you and in this case it is the game of poker.

The Biggest Game In Town

The Education Of A Poker Player

How To Buy Poker Books On Ebay

Ebay is a site were you can get some great deals on a variety of different poker books. If you have never shopped on Ebay before it is a great place to find unique items. Ebay makes sure their sellers are honest and provide great customer service.

Check out the right column where I have a few of the best poker books that are for sale right now on Ebay. There are hundreds of poker book for sale on Ebay. Once you are on the site you will see the many poker books up for auction.

It is fun to shop on Ebay from the comfort of your living room. Simply bid on the poker book you want and if you are the winning bidder the item will be shipped right to your home.

Best Poker Books
Best Poker Books


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