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Best Social Game For Android App

Updated on September 24, 2012

Location Based Games

Here are my top ten I tested, if there others please let me know, I will update this hub.
They are not in any order.

  1. GoWar - Cute graphics and great idea. This game would be fun if newbies can win against older players. I tried to take over some places and couldnt because I was too weak. Also, it seems like the Italian Mob has taken over this game. [Link]
  2. Parallel Mafia - This game is really confusing. Graphics are not done as well as Gowar. It is fun if you get into it. There are a lot of rewards for recruiting. [Link]
  3. Geo Wars - Not graphic intensive. Great use of the map. Just a lot of fun.[Link]
  4. CYA - This game never worked on my phone. However got some good reviews. [Link]
  5. GPS Earth Defense - This game is fun and goofy. There was a lot of lag, but could've been my device. Update should include the ability to not have to log in each time I open the app. [Link]
  6. Skirmsh - My personal favorite after being with these apps for 3 days each. There doesn't seem to be that many players yet, but I got attacked several times in my city. I had no friends to test the ally functions. The social functions made it a lot like foursquare. [Link]

Are there any apps I missed?
Which ones are your favorites?


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