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Best Start Up Gaming Community to Join in 2018

Updated on March 21, 2018
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Note: The official logo is under development.
Note: The official logo is under development. | Source

Jokers Wild Gaming Community

Jokers Wild Gaming was created under the passion for all digital media entertainment. Its primary focus is to engage its audience and followers with media content, such as gaming, movies, T.V. shows and more. Along with this high level of community engagement initiated by the group creators, Jokers Wild Gaming highly encourage their followers to share their media passion as well. "It's about expressing yourself in an environment that appreciates all forms of digital entertainment, " says Jokers Wild Gaming founder, Dayquan Henry.

Who Should Join

Anyone that, has a passion for gaming, is looking to socialize with other like-minded individuals, wants to find partners to play games with, looking for movie discussions, interested in spreading your content, and all other forms of digital entertainment should join the Jokers Wild Gaming Community. You will have the opportunity to spread your influence in the digital space. Whether you're a YouTuber trying to network and grow, content writers looking to spread your thoughts, or just a vlogger on current digital trends, you can expect to receive insight on your work and expand your viewer base, all by joining and regularly submitting posts to the Facebook page. Joining and merely being apart of the community in the form of comment feedback is encouraged, as well. It's not necessary to be a creator of any kind to be apart of this community. Merely caring enough of about the industry to take part in and provide feedback for peer-to-peer content is all that they ask of the community members.

Related podcasts are even welcomed in this community!
Related podcasts are even welcomed in this community! | Source

Current Developments

As of yet, the new gaming community is still in its early days of progression. With so many endeavors to pursue, the community creators and its followers will have a lot of work to do to accomplish their goals. It's this exact motivation that they want to drive the results of the community. They want the passion that makes their followers, to be fully displayed and shared under one digital roof. Current plans from the creators are as follows:

Content Creation

In the form of vlogs, podcasts, general discussion videos, articles, gameplay, and more. Jokers Wild Gaming creators want to spearhead the development of new content to drive the community to follow suit and provide entertainment from the start. It's through these regular postings and community engagements with their fellowers that will inspire the community members to do the same.

Site Development

To start the community off, Facebook will be the primary and only centralized community hub available. With new members joining on a daily basis, the creators of Jokers Wild Gaming Community encourage prospective digital entertainment enthusiasts to join their family. It's on this Facebook page where you can connect with fellow enthusiasts, post your video game highlights, share your hype about a movie trailer and expect constructive, yet positive feedback along the way.

Community Building and Expansion

Tieing into the first two developments, the people are what mostly make or break a great community. The expansion is the most significant focus currently planned, as in time, the aforementioned listed focuses are scheduled to happen indefinitely and are in the works. Jokers Wild Gaming is looking for more community members to spread it's unique approach to the digital entertainment social environment and will be promoting very soon to expand it's user base exponentially, to the right people.

Tournaments and Gaming Events

As the community grows, so will the possibility of Jokers Wild Gaming hosted tournaments and other gaming events. It's a significant goal to start hosting online games and eventually, in-person events, to celebrate member acquisition after hitting specific targets. For example, at 100 members, Jokers Wild will host an online tourney with a community voted game as the primary platform. It's through these milestones that will bring the achievement of growth and reward to all of the community members. Once 1,000 or more members are active on the site, online and in-person events will become more regular and scheduled. Through leaderboard tracking and eventually, prizes for those who take home the victories in these tournaments and raffles for events.

One Community Member's Video Submission

Examples of Content

-Youtube vidoes (vlogs, reviews, gameplay, podcasts etc.)

-Content writing (reviews, marketing for videos mentioned above, idea sharing)

-General discussion posts (polls, open-talk, help, strategy, etc)

-Party member recruiting (for clans, teammates for co-op games, etc)

-Much more!


Of course, there are rules to follow to be a member of Jokers Wild Gaming.

Friendly and constructive feedback is critical to the foundation Jokers Wild Gaming Communities creation and will be monitored regularly. Constructive feedback is allowed, but anything more is not desired for the community's members.

Posts of all content must be reviewed prior to site administration members submitting the post on the main wall. This will reduce spam, avoid offensive and inappropriate content from spreading, and provide motivation for quality in the content shared.

Be an active member of the community in the form of content submission, liking posts and providing stated feedback. This will ensure that all spots taken up in the community are all working together to provide an enjoyable, yet rewarding experience to all members.


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      Monica_TheElite 4 weeks ago

      Sounds interesting

    • profile image

      ScotBirly 4 weeks ago

      Do you guys do international?

    • profile image

      Marv 4 weeks ago

      I’ve been looking for something like this. Going to check it out!