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Best Short and Fun Strategy Game

Updated on October 8, 2011

There are many great and popular strategy games, ranging from the online games like 'Travian' or 'Astro Empires', to the more popular, and much more criticized console games, such as Halo Wars, and Command and Conquer - Red Alert. But none of the above are the games that keep you addicted as much as the ones i am about to discuss, nor do they give you an outstanding gaming experience as my choices. So, lets take a look at the first section:

Best Short and Fun Strategy Game

Taking into account the strategy games I have found on websites that have flash games, and also a few games you can get for the IPod, IPhone and IPad, I found my choice fairly tricky, as I had a lot to consider. But I gave it my best shot.

First of all, I considered the game for any Apple platform, called ‘Trenches’. As you can guess, it’s a game based on trench warfare, without the boredom and trench foot. Now, this is a great game for a handheld console, but that’s the point – strategy games are just not meant go off the computer, it just ruins all the atmosphere and addiction in the game. Furthermore, it means it has to run to the IPods capability, being the weakest of the three platforms, and that leaves out a lot of fun that could be had with it. Therefore, I won’t be choosing this game as my number 1.

Still, considering all this, I love this game, and continue to play its skirmish mode, as it includes a fun zombie mode, which gives it the great arcade feel that Nazi Zombies gave to Call of Duty.

My second idea was Feudalism 2, a game which involves you moving from city to city, around the world, and taking on that cities army. Once you had done this, you could purchase certain units from that city, depending on its culture. This game was great, addictive, and for the computer – so it could run fairly well in terms of performance and speed, giving it that edge over handheld games. Also, it had no storyline, which meant you can play the game however you want, without sticking to a certain order of things.

All of this sounds great right? Well, I thought so too, until I got through about ¼ of the game, at which point I realised how easy it had become. As you reach a certain amount of villages taken over, you have a lot of money to spend that you earn from these, meaning you can get a lot more units. And you would of thought that the creators of the game would find a way of stepping up the difficulty at this point, but the cities have a pre-set difficulty, so you will come across a lot of easy cities against your massive army, and you will have to go through the time consuming process of moving to the city, defeat rebels that randomly attack you, and then defeat the village. Again, and again. It is hard to understand just how much of a game killer this is, because you are very likely to do as I did, and close down the game without finishing it, which is a real shame to me.

But still, the game deserves its place here as a great Short and Fun Strategy game, for the fun I had before I decided to quit.

And finally, the one I chose. It is ‘Warfare 1917’, another trench warfare game, except this one is for the computer, and is so much better. The game is based on your decision to defend or attack, and the units you use – as well as your arsenal of artillery and poisonous gas, and that’s it. No confusion, no complications, just pure fun.

As you can guess, it is based on World War 1, and being a British made game, it features Britain vs Germany. It has no noticeable difference in the units other than their names and graphics, however that just adds to the wonderful simplicity the game offers. This game did have a sequel, which was predictably a World War 2 game; however they added flanking, and 3 lanes, and more stuff to the game that just didn’t need to be there.

So, here is a link to the game:

Thanks for reading!


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