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Best Summer Activities for Kids

Updated on May 12, 2013

Here a few interesting and exciting summer activites for kids including water relay, finger painting, treasure hunt, bubble painting and flying a kite. Try these summer activities with your kids and share your experience in the comment section below. I have also included bubble painting video at the end of this hub.

1. Water relay:

Water relay game
Water relay game

For this game, you will need 4 or more children. Divide the group into two. Next, give each group a bucket of water, empty bucket and a large sponge. Place the buckets full of water on one end of the yard with sponges. Keep the empty bucket at the opposite end. Once the game begins, each player takes the soaked sponge and runs to the empty bucket to squeeze the water as much he can. Then he runs to the water bucket and the next person takes their turn. The group with the most water in the bucket wins the game.

You can also try this game with a bucket of water, empty bucket and a large plastic cup. This game is always a great hit at parties and picnics and also one of the best summer activities for kids.

2. Finger painting:

How to make finger paint
How to make finger paint

Finger painting is a great way to teach arts for kids and children. It is a kind of paint advised to be applied with the fingers. They can use their hands and fingers to paint. You can buy the six color finger paint in shops or you can make at home. Finger painting can be little messy so kids can wear old clothes for this activity.

Things you need:

  • Flour or cornstarch - 1 cup
  • Salt - 2 tablespoons
  • Cold water - 2 cups
  • Food coloring

How to make finger paint:

Transfer flour and sugar into a bowl. Stir well and keep the stove to a medium heat for 10 to 15 minutes. Once it starts thickening, you can turn off the stove. Divide this liquid into smaller bowls and add food coloring. Stir well and transfer into a squeezable container. Your finger paint is ready to use.

Ask the kids to trace the hands using the pencil. It is time to pull out the washable finger paints and a blank white paper. Kids can have fun painting with this mixture. They love to learn texture, color and art with the help of finger painting.

3. Bubble painting:

Summer activity - Bubble painting
Summer activity - Bubble painting

Pour some dishwashing liquid, tempera paint, water and mix well. If the color is light, add some paint. Place on end of the straw into the bowl mixture and blow until bubbles come up. Get the construction paper and pop the bubbles on your paper. Repeat this process with different colors. Allow them to dry. Kids love to blow bubbles and have lots of fun with this summer activity.

4. Treasure hunt:

Treasure hunt game
Treasure hunt game

Treasure hunt is a great way to keep kids occupied for hours. It is a indoor and outdoor activity for kids. This game will lead kids from one clue to another clue, until they find their treasure after finding out the final clue. The last clue leads to the final destination. Treasure hunts have themed clues to suit a seasonal theme or parties.

Nature treasure hunt clues:

1. You can add some seed and birds will flock to the yard

2. Find flowers in this place

3. This one will help you to keep the lawn clean.

4. You can sit on this and enjoy the beautiful view

5. Kids play here with their friends.

Treasure hunt clue answer key:

1. Bird feeder

2. Garden

3. Lawnmover

4. Swing or patio or deck

5. Playset

5. Flying a kite:


Flying a kite is an incredibly fun summer activity for kids. It is a great fun on a windy day. You can buy a bite in any toy store. Ask kids to choose their favorite kite. Then choose your favorite place to fly your kite. Some of the best places for flying are parks, large open fields and beaches.

More summer activities for kids:

  • Biking
  • Miniature golf
  • Carnival
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Jump rope
  • Water sprinker
  • Trampoline

Bubble painting video:

What is your favorite summer activity for kids?

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    • Ingenira profile image


      5 years ago

      I have never tried bubble painting, sounds like fun and it's pretty too !

      I also like flying the kite, but I need WIND, then it'd be fun !

      Thanks for the great ideas !


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